It’s Back to Labor Day Weekend for moe.down in 2014!

For the first 10 years of moe.down, Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Turin was the home and Labor Day was the weekend – an end of summer tradition everyone in the Northeast that called themselves a moe.ron looked forward to experiencing. Then there was the ill-advised shift to Mohawk at Gelston Castle for moe.downs 11 and 12, but fortunately fans convinced the band to move back to Turin, with a shift to mid-August for moe.downs 13 and 14. Now, things have come full circle in the past 5 years and moe.down 15 will return to Snow Ridge Ski Resort for moe.down 15 on Labor Day weekend.

labor day weekend moeA message from moe.: “We are excited to announce moe.down is moving back to Labor Day Weekend! A lot of thought has gone into this decision. It wasn’t easy: so many people liked the new weekend, but a number of people also missed the advantages of the holiday weekend. We hope all of you can still join us. Watch for updates, 15 will be moe.mentous! August 29,30&31 2014 Snow Ridge Ski Resort Turin, NY”

Fans were asked to vote on the preferred date for moe.down, and while Mid-August was the fan favorite, Labor Day was the decision fans went with. Looks like Phish at Dick’s  may have some competition for fans of both bands. Or maybe not.

Read Amy Fischer’s review of moe.down 14. moe. plays December 30th and 31st at The Palace Theater in Albany. Pick up tickets here.

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