“User Correction” by Jeff Bujak is an Electronic Innovation


User Correction by Jeff Bujak finds itself at the corner of fun and innovative. Like a well rounded student, his composing is intelligent and party worthy. On the album Jeff explores the world of electronica through the looking glass of a classical composer. His music makes the perfect argument to anyone who claims that electronica isn’t “real music”. As a five year old living in Syracuse, Jeff was already learning about real music through piano lessons which comes as no surprise after hearing his intricate work. Now all grown up and a resident of North Hampton, Massachusetts, he has a tour roster that would rival that of many successful musicians and quite the impressive online following.

In addition to his talent on the piano, it is apparent that Bujak is a jack of all instruments and uses his widely versatile taste and skill sets to push the musical envelope. Bujak is the kind of musician with a great knack for keeping the listeners attention. There are no two tracks on this album that have the same feel. Each song has a different inspiration. The first track on the album titled “User” creatively samples snipits of “Everybody Rules the World” by Tears for Fears, but keeps you steady grooving without temptation to switch to the original song. The third track “Fiks” does this as well and almost takes you by surprise when you realize the cool vocals are from the song “Fix You” by Coldplay.

Later in the album Jeff shows off his ability to challenge the electronic genre with the piano. I have never before heard an artist make classical piano so easy to rave to but Jeff seamlessly pulls this off multiple times in the album in the tracks “Cleen”, “Laylice” and “Abbeat”. He concludes the work with a hilarious electronic ode to hipster haters with a vibey drum pattern – ironically of course exactly the type of thing a hipster would jam to and finally ends it with a stunning stripped down piano showcase.

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