Review: SURRENDER THE FALL Rocked House of Rock


Despite the fact that not that many people seemed to be interested in the opening bands, quite a few fellow concert junkies really warmed up to Surrender the Fall.

Surrender the Fall started their speedy setlist with “Love Hate Masquerade”, quickly followed by “Everything You Want Me to Be”, and “Bleed”. The concert goers from the back of the small venue began to make their way towards the front of the stage, intrigued by this band’s unique gruff sound. Surrender the Fall continued with “Pitiful” and “Deeper Inside”, by the end of the song, a small group had formed in front of the Tennesseean ban, completely mesmerized by their killer sound and rocked their hearts out. The band finished their set with their current single, “Some Kind of Perfect” and “Nothing”.

stf-6To say the least, Surrender the Fall made their mark with their energizing vibe, their very catchy tunes, and their strong ability of connecting with the fans. All in all, Surrender the Fall rocked the House of Rock.