Review: SEVENDUST Blacks Out Bearfest

The crowd moved in closer and closer to the barricade, some could no longer contain their excitement and let out the occasional overeager cheers. Finally, the moment they were all waiting for at Bearfest Sevendust’s arrival. The lights dimmed to a dark red hue, a very daunting setting to the outdoor stage. One by one, the band members emerged from the shadows, Morgan Rose (drums), Vince Hornsby (bass), Clint Lowery (guitar), John Connolly (guitar), and finally, the one and only, Lajon Witherspoon. The way the red and green lights hit his features gave off a very bone-chilling, terrifying view of Witherspoon. The band began their set with “Pieces” followed by a track from their latest record, Black Out the Sun, “Till Death”, the fans waving their horns in the air to the beat of the song, mouthing along to the words whole-heartedly. After playing “Denial” and “Praise”, Lajon asked some of his ever-adoring fans not to mosh but to march in a circle to the rhythm of the next song, “Waffle”, purple lights complimenting the mood of the song, a very intimate feeling. The set was then slowed down with “Got a Feeling” followed by “Angel’s Son”, the fans with their loved ones holding each other from behind and swaying along. The pace was picked back up with “Black”, “Strong Arm Broken”, and Black Out the Sun’s leading single, “Decay”. Witherspoon walked toward the front of the stage and reached out for the fans, holding some of their hands.

At the end of the song, the stage lights suddenly shut off and all of Sevendust disappeared into the darkness. The dedicated fans chanted for an encore for what seemed like a long while, every living soul hungry for more. Then the stage was lit with an orange and green-like hue as Lajon appeared on stage with the rest of the band and the familiar lyrics to “Bitch” filled the ears of the crowd, which encouraged them to roar with cheer and excitement. They all sang along loudly and some quite drunkenly. The set was then finished with “Splinter” and “Face to Face”, a great way to end the warm, lively summer evening.

All in all, it was one hell of a performance. The band broke the country silence with their powerful classics as well as new and incredibly catchy songs. In the end, Sevendust let all of West Virginia know that they have left their mark. Be sure to check out their latest record, Black Out the Sun, available at your nearest music store and for digital download. More tour dates are on their website as well as their Facebook page, if you have a chance, see where Sevendust will black out a stage near you.

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