Review: DEVOUR THE DAY Heats Up West Virginia

IMG_4130The outdoor music came to a screeching halt, bringing a moment of silence to the summer air, a strong hint that Devour the Day was ready to knock everyone out of the ballpark. The setting sun’s light hit the stage as one by one, each band member stepped out from behind; Dustin Schoenhofer (drums), Joey “Chicago” Walser (bass), Jeff James (guitar), and last but not least, Blake Allison (vocals). The band was more than eager to put the pedal to the metal as they started their set with the first track from their debut record, Time & Pressure, “Respect”, definitely the right way to begin the evening with such an explosive track. Following was “You and Not Me”, as the fellow concert junkies stared in amazement as the band rocked out like there was no tomorrow. As soon as “Get Out of My Way” started, the energy from Devour the Day combined with the fans’ was absolutely through the roof, fairly certain the residents across the Ohio border could hear and feel the band’s pulsating power. “Blackout” brought on the heavy head-banging and the drunken loud cheers of excitement. The fans watched with such a thrill as Walser rapidly spun around with his bass, jumping with such glee on his face.

IMG_4146It was clear that Devour the Day was way past warmed up, as evidenced by the fact that they were dripping with sweat. The summer heat didn’t stop them from continuing their set with “Reckless”, as some of the fans waved their arms in the air to the beat of the song. The pace was nowhere near slowed down as they played “Oath”, finishing the set with “Hand Shakes to Fist Fights” and their current as well as the album’s leading single, “Good Man”, the music lovers singing along very passionately, some dancing to the rhythm. It was definitely the perfect track to end a killer setlist.

IMG_4138Overall, no other words to describe Devour the Day’s performance except for: WOW. Absolutely mind blowing and an indescribable experience, one would have to witness these moments to get a better understanding of what a superlative show the band puts on. They will be hitting the stage at X-Fest in Syracuse this Sunday. Be sure to check out their debut record, Time & Pressure, available for digital download and to purchase at your nearest music store. Also, check their Facebook page for tour dates or visit their website ( This is a band you will not want to miss!


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