Review: ESCAPE THE FATE Conquers The Fillmore

IMG_3830After the excitement that 3 Pill Morning provided for the fellow concert junkies, the adventure was not going to end there, it was Escape the Fate’s turn to take over the stage. The lights dimmed to a blue mixed with a red hue, a very ominous setting. As soon as the intro started to play, the fans went crazy as the band members, Craig Mabbitt (vocals), the Money brothers, Bryan “Monte” and Michael (both guitarists), Thomas “TJ” Bell (bass), and Robert Ortiz (drums), stepped into the light. The band then performed “Choose Your Fate” and the band’s current single, “You’re Insane”, from their latest album Ungrateful. After the performance of “10 Miles Wide”, the band took a brief break while Mabbitt took the chance to announce their release of their latest album and asked the crowd if they got it. A dedicated fan by the name of Trey Wellington shouted out louder than the others that he bought the record on its release day, and Mabbitt walked over to him, shook his hand as well as fist pumped it. He then dedicated the next song, “Ungrateful” to Wellington and proceeded to unleash his bloodcurdling screams. Following was “Issues” and a track from Ungrateful, “Until We Die”; the energy from the band and the ever-adoring fans were absolutely insane.

IMG_3821After the performance of “Gorgeous Nightmare”, a pair of lacy purple underwear was thrown upon the stage. Mabbitt picked up and thanked the fan that threw them up there, a mystery it shall remain.  The band finished the set on a killer note with “Fire it Up” and “This War is Ours”.

Overall, they put on one hell of a performance, Mabbitt’s screams continued to haunt the back of the fan’s minds as they left the venue in such a giddy mood…however, the evening was not about to end there, for it was then Hollywood Undead’s turn to rock the stage.

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