Hearing Aide: Solaris Burns Bright With ‘NeoN’


Solaris, the three-piece instrumental band from Ithaca has released their newest album, NeoN. The album kicks off with “Triphammer”, a fast tempo beat with eerie echos and a serious build up that continues to rise throughout the entire song. This is that first song you hear that sends the message that the night has commenced I am a big fan of the “THEM” remix which is heavier on the bass at first, then a slower rhythm, making for an easy flowing electronic jam. “Neon” is just as it sounds, bright and bursting with energy, with an unpredictable melody. “Nostromo” (jazz version) was a pleasant surprise and I was pleased to hear Solaris experimenting with a different style, yet still making it their own. It was refreshing to hear a softer side of the band, each instrument being showcased delicately. “Harkonnen” gives off a Halloween vibe: think spooky mad scientist laboratory meets robots and aliens. “E.S.C. (Remix)” has more high pitched beeps and boops, with a groove that just as soon drops you as it picks you up again.

NeoN is an ideal album to listen to while you’re driving to your next show or when you’re gearing up on lot. The album has an wide assortment of crisp arrangements, highlighting the multiple sounds of Upstate New York’s Solaris and making them the must see band of the summer.

NeoN was recorded digitally in the studio, was produced, mastered and edited by drummer, Dan Lyons with additional overdubs from keyboardist Jared Raphel. Bassist Vinny Naro created the design and album artwork.  Fans can stream the album for free, a $3 download or $5 physical copy which gives you the artwork as well. NeoN features new electronica songs and experimental sounds as well as remixes to past favorites. Their summer tour will include festivals such as The Big UpThe Catskill Chill and MyGlo II.

Key Tracks: Neon, Triphammer , Nostromo (Jazz Version)

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