A Hot Saturday at Red Square with Timbre Coup and The Assortment of Crayons

The Assortment of Crayons, based out of New Paltz, NY, is a relatively new band in the Upstate scene and one very much worth a listen. They have garnered quite an audience on Tuesday nights in New Paltz at Oasis Cafe and Snug Harbor, because SUNY doesn’t have classes on Wednesday (weird, I know). Albany was treated to an opening set from The Assortment, showcasing a wide range of music stylings and versatility in the live setting. “Courier” bled out of “Happenstance” and became a Phishy jam with excellent guitar work from Sean and Erik Hill, delving into a bluesy noodle-fest.

“Trust a Stranger” was dedicated to semantics and had a jazzy vibe throughout. “Leroy’s Adventure” was intricate and composed progressive rock, rising and falling throughout the song. “Like a River” was introduced as we were advised to ‘Dance like a hoedown’, a perfect upbeat tune to cap off the opening set on. Taking with guitarist Sean Hill afterwards, he professed his love for the guitar work of none other than Jimmy Herring, who’s steadfast focus could be heard in “When You’re Gone”.

the assortment of crayonsThe Assortment of Crayons is Sean Hill (guitar/vocals), Matthew Richards (keyboards/vocals) Jack Singer (bass/vocals), Erik Hill (guitar/vocals) and Eric Segerstrom (drums). You can check out more from The Assortment of Crayons on their website and on Facebook. Stay tuned for more coverage of this great band from .

Setlist: Happenstance>Courier, To Trust a Stranger, Molly Gagging Lolly, Leroy’s Adventure, When You’re Gone, Like a River.

As many times as I have seen Albany’s Timbre Coup, Saturday was one of their best shows. They kept the energy at a high point all night, barely letting up with their electronic jams and great flow. Timbre Coup does have a dark side to their jams but I was happy that they didn’t venture too deep into it this time. A great surprise was the debut of hearing “All Night Long”, originally by Lionel Richie, catching the crowd off guard and resulting in massive cheers. “Mother Nature’s Baby Daddy” brought an intense heavy rock mode to the venue with slamming guitar riffs.  I was stoked to hear “September”, a groovy rock techno melody from their latest album, Knuckles & Valleys. As a bonus, the night’s performance was recorded for an upcoming live album release. Fans can catch Timbre Coup performing this summer at Bellstock and The Big Up Festival.

Set 1: Takes Awhile, Running Always, All Night Long*, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Verbal Kint> Jam> CTS, Mother Nature’s Baby Daddy

Set 2: Gurfin> Jam>55, Z#, Roland Opus, Snoop Tiger, Chupacabra, September

Encore: I Didn’t Know She had a Moustache


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