Album Review: Positive Mental Trip Releases ‘Change Your Mind’

Luke Weiler is a busy man, between coordinating the annual Jam for Tots event to benefit the Marine Corp’s Toys for Tots fund, hosting PMT Festival in Northville, New York every summer to support Solid Rock Rescue, and caring for his appropriately named dog, Ruckus, Weiler makes music under the moniker, Positive Mental Trip. Recording with guitar, hand drums, synthesizer and a number of other instruments; Weiler’s music is inspired by everyone from the Simpsons’ Disco Stu to Mozart, according to his FaceBook page.

Positive Mental Trip

Positive Mental Trip’s debut album, “Change Your Mind” exemplifies this diverse range of influence, featuring genres like reggae, funk, folk and southern rock. Touching on feel-good themes throughout its twelve tracks, Weiler’s songwriting approach reminds listeners of Jack Johnson’s positive lyricism.

The album’s opening track, “Brand New Day” demonstrates this style with the lines, “So I put a smile on my face ‘Cause I’m livin’ a brand new day I’m not gonna be afraid of change” on top of smooth acoustic guitar riffs. Continuing the topic of leading life with a positive attitude, Change Your Mind includes two versions of the track, “Smile,” the second of which is titled “Smile (Hip-Hop).” Displaying Weiler’s ability to diversify his music, “Smile (Hip-Hop)” features a more electronic feel than its parallel track, “Smile (Reggae),” as well as a guest vocalist. Based on these tracks, along with the rest of the songs found on Change Your Mind, it’s safe to bet that Positive Mental Trip has a bright future ahead.

Key Tracks: Brand New Day, Smile (hip-hop), Smile (Reggae)

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