Monday night, Acidic,3 Pill Morning and Trapt rocked the small local venue of Brighton Music Hall, where Kate Drexel was able to catch the show and do interviews with 3 Pill Morning’s lead vocalist, Jeff Stebbins, and Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown.

The mixed chatter that bounced off the brick walls of Brighton Music Hall died down as soon as the lights dimmed. The show was about to begin with Hollywood’s favorite small band, Acidic, opening with one of the tracks from their recent record, “Drive Thru”. The crowd began to warm up to this entrancing, incredible sound and vibe the band gave off. Before the second song, “The Brave”, Mike Gossard (vocals) dedicated it to the people of Boston for their strength, referring to the recent marathon bombing. Through the speedy setlist, Mike introduced the next song, a cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together” and invited Trapt’s drummer, Dylan Howard, to do guest drumming along with their drummer, Matt Whitaker. Gossard ran through the crowd while singing soulfully and jumped onto the bar, taking everyone by surprise. He made his way back to the stage to continue the setlist with the performance of “Satellite”, “Copper Man” and “Strata Red”.

After Acidic’s killer performance, it was 3 Pill Morning’s turn to blow everyone out of the ballpark. The chatter once turned into cheers once the lights dimmed and their ears were filled with a song with electronic beats. The band members came on stage one by one dressed very formally to the theme of their latest record, Black Tie Love Affair. They began with “Revolution” and once the song ended, the electronic beat was back. Before their second song, “Nothings Real”, Stebbins introduced the band to the audience then proceeded to perform. “I Want That For You” had the whole crowd jumping, a sea of bobbing bodies. In the middle of the set, Stebbins toasted to Boston. The speedy setlist ended with their well-known single, “Loser” and “Skin.” This was one very explosive, energetic band that connected with their fans. “We’re just turning that live show into something that’s special instead of sitting at home, not doing anything or listening to the CD on Spotify. We want people to come out and have that experience with us,” said Stebbins after the show, when asked to describe their live performances. Next to hit the stage, the main event, Trapt.

The anticipation grew immensely as the crew set up the stage for Trapt. Finally, the cue that it was time for them to make their presence known. The audience cheered drunkenly and wildly as the whole band stepped upon the stage. The lights shown upon Chris Taylor Brown’s face as he asked the crowd the question that was the title to the first song, “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?” By the end of that song, Brown dedicated their second song, “Waiting”, to the strength of Boston causing the crowd to cheer very loudly. He gave a very powerful, spin-chilling speech before the performance of their third song, “End of My Rope”. “Bring It” had the concertgoers bouncing to the rhythm of the song. Occasionally, Brown brought out his guitar to a few of the songs. The way the lights hit the stage while Trapt was playing gave off a very intimate feel, and a sense of connection with the fans was very evident. Before each song, Brown gave incredible explanations behind those songs and performed them with great energy. The setlist ended with their latest single, “Love Hate Relationship”, “Still Frame” which had the audience jumping yet again, “Stand Up” and of course, their very famous single, “Headstrong” to which the audience sang along and bounced to. “It’s just one of those songs that’s kind of like the attitude of what we’re about, that’s not being trapped and not feeling the way we did and freeing ourselves from the confines of everything that you are automatically thrown into and it’s that attitude that we’re not gonna conform into anybody’s will and we’re always going to be headstrong,” explained Chris, when asked about the story behind the song.

All in all, incredible, energetic vibes and just the kind of show Boston needed after what they went through. This was the night that the headstrong band met the headstrong city.

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