DOOMSDAY DEVICE, Raw Local Hardcore Act with Promise


A fairly young hardcore act, Doomsday Device are some fresh new faces bringing their own style to the local hardcore scene. Based in true, heavy, hardcore roots, this band is not afraid to get as absolutely heavy as possible. These guys bring “getting low” to a whole new level, honing a brutal, down-tempo sound consisting of chugging guitars, deep screams, and powerful rhythm. Their Facebook Band Profile only has two rough demos of songs up to get the idea of how these guys sound. Now, when I say “rough demos”, I mean really rough. There’s no professionalism or gloss to it, and is often off-time and somewhat hard to distinguish instrumental tracks. However, this doesn’t detract from the sound they are going for. These raw recordings contain all the power and brutality they are trying to convey, and at this stage in their band’s existence, that’s fine. They are able to demonstrate some sizable talent among all the members of the band, and the rawness of the recordings demonstrates a certain carefree attitude that allows you to enjoy the music the way they must: purely and honestly. These guys are not afraid of showing flaws, they embrace it. As good as a professional record sounds, they seem to respect the human element of recording music just as much, and this attitude deserves respect. I’d say that they have some growing to do both as musicians and as a band on the whole, but they show promise to do so. Their demo songs “Curse of the Walkers” and “The Turning Point” dabble in vocal effects, acoustic guitar, sound effects, and other creative “spices”. This shows that as heavy as they’re trying to be, they also welcome different ideas and are willing to experiment. However, one thing is certain: no matter where they decide to go from here, Doomsday Device are going to improve and broaden their musical horizons, and will always keep things as heavy as you can imagine.


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