The Kollectiv and The Heavy Pets Threw Down on April 23rd at The Hollow in Albany

A little known secret is that sometimes the best shows happen during the beginning of the week.  The Kollectiv and The Heavy Pets drew in quite a crowd on April 23rd, a Tuesday night for The Hollow Bar and Kitchen (formerly The Bayou Cafe) in Albany. I was urged by multiple friends to check out these two jam bands and at the end of the night,  it was way beyond worth going out for.


The Kollectiv hails from Oneonta, NY, so making it to Albany was an easy trip for dedicated fans from all over the Upstate region to catch them in action. The five-piece up and coming band wasted no time laying out a funky fresh jam with edge and attitude. Their music ranged from reggae, rock, hip hop and funk, with each song being groovy and original. The highlight of their set was the Grateful Dead’s “Fire on the Mountain”, quite possibly the best reggae remix I’ve ever heard. One of the most unique aspects about The Kollectiv is member Lars Viola on the turntables. The rhythmic record scratching surprisingly brought the jams to a new level, making them deliciously contemporary and cool. The Kollectiv’s fusion of musical styling is a game changer and a band to be on the lookout for.


The Heavy Pets took the stage and sent out their own reggae jam vibe that light up the room. I was lucky to find myself right in front of Jeff Lloyd and Mike Garulli, guitarists with spark flying strumming. Bassist Tony D’Amato looked laid back throughout the night, despite his delivery of continuous heavy bass notes. Jamie Newitt hit symbols and slammed out serious beats while he and Jim Wuest on keys went back in forth sending a steady rhythm through the room all night. The entire night was filled with nonstop energy from each member, displaying tremendous talent and experience. It was a great pleasure to watch as each musician would get lost in the music, only causing more of a reaction from the crowd and elevation of jams. The band currently resides in Florida but they are always more than happy to come home to Upstate New York.

Setlist: 3AM, Spin Round, Travel, Bibbles, Babies, Slow Down, Chevrolet, TDTSFTR, Pass it Down,

Encore: No More Time, Jackie Bones, STYM

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