NYS Music’s 4/20 Show Roundup

April 20th has evolved into a counterculture holiday, with ties to Deadheads and hippies and just about every person you probably know or will know. Music venues all over Upstate New York are using this as another reason to see live music! Here is our compiled list of 4/20 shows around the state.

Lower Hudson

Bethel Woods -Felice Brothers with Driftwood

4/20 showsBinghamton

Fitzie’s – Mantraverse, Inner Mission, The Benjamin Raubinsons, Hung Like Horses, The Quantum, Amber Martin


Nietzsche’s – Family FUNKtion and the Sitar Jams, The Heavy Pets

Town Ballroom– Hellzapoppin

The Tralf – The Maniacs

U of B – Aqueous, Haewa, The Assortment of Crayons


V Pub – 34 Feet Deep, In The Box, Fire Wheel


The Madison House – Project Weather Machine


Water Street Music Hall -The Manhattan Project

Montage Music Hall – Groove Fest

Lovin’Cup – 4/20 Bash

Featuring: Hollands, Extended Family, The Filthy McNastys and The Buddhahood


Tipperary Square – Hot Day at the Zoo, Tim Herron Corp, and more

Saranac Lake

Waterhole – Cabinet w/ The Blind Owl Band


The Uptown Theatre– Childhoods’ End


Port Chester – The Capitol Theatre– Furthur

Burlington, VT

Higher Ground Ballroom – Kung Fu, Twiddle

Nectars – Touch Pants, Jon Fishman

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