His Only Star (A Novella) – Christopher Stocking


“Do you ever look at the stars and wish you could snatch them out of the sky?” Oliver asked. “You know, to keep in a box all for yourself?” “What would you do with a box of stars, Oli?” Trista asked. Oliver shrugged. “I don’t know, change the world?” When fifteen-year-old Oliver sneaks away on a train with his friend, Trista, he discovers that life has more to it than the small world he is trapped in. It’s full of sex, drugs, and danger. But, before Oliver can come to terms with these, he must first learn that everyone has their demons, and he must come to accept them. But what if it’s too late?

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Chris Stocking is a self-published Science-Fiction/Fantasy Author. He grew up in Wayland, is currently attending The College at Brockport–majoring in print journalism–and plans to attend graduate school for Creative Writing. He lives in Dansville, New York, with his wife, Casey.  He is also a contributor to Upstate Metal and the author of several short dark fiction stories that can be found on the site.

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