V for Vanderbuilts: Syracuse based Pop/Rock band release New Single “I Wish I Was A Saber Toothed Tiger”

Amidst all the mushy releases that make single people want to stick a fork in their eye around Valentine’s Day, it is absurdly appropriate for The Vanderbuilts to release their single, “I Wish I Was A Saber Toothed Tiger” on February 14th. There is something dreamlike about their sound that you can’t quite place your finger upon. Whether it’s the soothing pizzicato of Yamamoto’s violin or the energy of lead singer Kogon’s elusive-yet-lingering vocals,  The Vanderbuilts take you to another world, far, far away from the Hallmark clichés.

Inspired by Werner Herzog’s 2010 masterpiece, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, the band’s new album, What We Forget puts a fresh spin on ancient sounds and images. Their music video by Sessa Lund, uses a combination of claymation and stop motion to depict a clay figure transforming into various animals but never quite reaching the goal of becoming a saber toothed tiger. “I Wish I Was A Saber Toothed Tiger” wraps us in a strange yet familiar sound, waiting impatiently for what’s to come. Music & Lyrics by Sam Kogon; Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Jay Newland

The Vanderbuilts are Sam Kogon, Dave Riddell, Max Newland, Aya Yamamoto and Grennan Milliken. “I Wish I Was a Saber Tooth Tiger” features Finnegan Shanahan on Violin; string arrangements by Aya Yamamoto and Finnegan Shanahan. Website Twitter Facebook Youtube

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