LAESTRYGONIA, BENEATH THE WORDS and more in Geneva on Feb 23rd

The Headless Sullivan Theater in Geneva, NY Presents: Laestrygonia, Beneath the Words, Divinex, Plague Mask and They Exist on February 23rd for only 5 bucks for 5 bands.  Doors at 5, Show at 6.

Laestrygonia Make sure to show up early to check out the ambitious triple-axis guitar threat of Laestrygonia. They power out a melodic and rhythmic intricacy that earns them the right to borrow their name from the Homerian epic The Odyssey.  While “Laestrygonia” may not easily roll off your tongue, you’ll perfect it soon enough, as you tell your friends about the up-and-coming band that you caught, and they missed. Or better yet, bring them with you.

Beneath The Words At times smooth, at others raw and primal, but always engaged and unpredictable, Beneath The Words will deliver the full spectrum of auditory experience. Feed off the energy resonating between the dual guitars and the gut-clenching vocals. Let the driving bass and drums bombard your innards. They switch seamlessly from in-your-face assault into meticulous coiling lines. Be prepared for immersion; Beneath The Words is not a spectator sport.


Serving up a full-bodied journey into the moody, ambient realms of metal, Divinex will serve as your capable tour-guide. Divinex spotlights the organic nature of the genre, letting it build and grow before your ears until it surrounds you in all of its lush textures. But don’t let the word “lush” fool you; they will still peel your face off when all of their forces converge. Buckle up and take a loud, heady trip with Divinex

Plague Mask

Sinister, suspenseful, and hypnotic, Plague Mask will give you beautiful nightmares. It has been said that E minor is the saddest key; Plague Mask has discovered the eeriest key. Tapping into the most basic of musical emotion, the tension and expectancy of their music triggers your adrenaline release. Their steady, sobering thrum will stalk you relentlessly. Resistance is futile; Plague Mask will infect you.

They Exist

Some bands embrace several different styles and genres throughout a show. They Exist does it in the span of a song. Every song. Following in the tradition of other power trios, They Exist makes you forget that the wall of sound filling the room is coming from a band of three. Even for a full blown quintet, though, the dizzying musical gymnastics of They Exist is a display you will not want to miss.

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