EP Review: HATE MACHINE “The Movement”

405972_444534805577938_1470472091_nRochester New York’s very own “Original Metal Thugs” Hate Machine are back with this 5 song explosion- The Movement.  After dominating the Upstate NY metal scene in the late 90’s, the band has made a comeback and once again found themselves back at the top.

     The first track, Chainsaw Philosophy opens fast and furious.  The most refreshing element of this track is that after all these years, Hate Machine is sticking to their guns and not conforming to some of the terrible styles of “Metal” that make me wish I was deaf at times.  With lines like,”..Now, I’ve got a message for you. My knuckles pay the postage…”, the point of the song is clear.  Join the brotherhood or stay the fuck out of the way.
     While some might say that Track 3- Strings, steers off course a little bit.  This is the most catchy song on the EP and my personal favorite.  Vocalist, Jed Seaver demonstrates great ability to both sing and scream, while delivering passionate lyrics.  For any musician with a life outside of music, you can relate to the “Strings” that pull you in several directions and the sacrifice involved in following your heart.
     The overall sound is amazing.  There are crushing guitar riffs, tastefully done, and the overall mix is very clear. When a band goes away for while, the first thing that comes to my mind is whether or not the vocalist can still deliver.  Well, erase that thought from your head.  The cross over style of singing and aggression filled anger that made Hate Machine who they are is still in full effect.
     The only disappointing thing about this EP is that it is an EP.  I am eager to see Hate Machine put out a full length album.  If The Movement doesn’t get your head moving, you lack a pulse… and that’s another issue.
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-Jason Acevedo

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