Quick Glance: Promising Coraline

Quick Glance: Promising CoralinePromising Coraline

Genre: Metal/Post-Hardcore

I enjoy hearing bands in the early stages, before egos, creative differences, and obsession with studio perfection get in the way. It’s a rare thing to see a band in the conception period, and that’s how I got my first look at Promising Coraline. The songs they have up on their page are pretty poorly produced, but they make up for it by showing variety. They have an acoustic cover, a very down-tempo metal intro song, and a pop-punk/metal mix song. For having such poor production, they sure do get across what they have to offer. Their guitar work is very good, and the drums are pretty spot-on for the most part. The vocals have some room for improvement, but the low screams are pretty brutal. This is one of those bands that could definitely utilize glossy production for their pop-punk sound, so it’s interesting to hear them stripped down and raw. They are fairly new and have some work to do, but I see a lot of promise with this band. Most of the hardcore bands around here are trying so hard to be the heaviest one, outscreaming each other and going from breakdown to breakdown. It’s interesting to see a band go the other way for a change. Granted, they do get very low and pretty brutal at points, but there’s something very earnest about the sound they are aiming for. I liked hearing them do an acoustic song too because it shows a vulnerability that not a lot of bands are willing to show. In my opinion, you have to be willing to branch out and do some different things in order to stand out in such a great local music scene, and I think Promising Coraline are trying to do just that. They may not be for everybody just yet, but in time, I have a feeling that they are going to be a very well-known band in the area with a respectable following. From there, it’s up to them and their determination.

You can check out Promising Coraline here:


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-Steve Sbiroli, 315 Music Reviews (Upstate Metal), BTLYAP


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