Quick Glance: Suspended In Dusk

Quick Glance: Suspended In Dusk  Genre: Hardcore Metal

553350_395344390511952_1008393721_nSince they only have two songs up as of now, this is review of Suspended in Dusk a very “quick glance”. However, these two songs are all I need to get the idea of who this band is, and I’m definitely impressed. From the very beginning of “Forbidden Walls”, I was hooked immediately by their guitar hooks. I don’t think I can say enough about their guitars, because they’re complicated, beautiful sounding, and carry the entire song. The guitar tracks seem to have slightly better production than the rest of the parts, so it gives the impression that they know how good their guitar work is, too. The vocals and drums came in and seemed, only slightly, less well-produced than the guitars. The drums sounded just a little fuzzy and off-timing, and the vocals were a little strained. Yet, it’s remarkable how they overcome these minor flaws and make them almost completely unnoticeable. The screams are still very passionate and brutal, and the drums are definitely fast enough. The finished product comes together very nicely, yet the guitars just seem to stand out. The most important thing about this band, however, is not their guitars, but their melodies. The chorus of “Smoke & Mirrors” is phenomenal, combining melodic riffing, brutal screams, and metal rhythm into one great musical moment. “Forbidden Walls” has a tremendous breakdown in the middle-end of the song, which leads into a shredding guitar solo. The post-chorus of that song also has a shining moment with its blend of beatdown rhythm and an almost bluesy feel. These are things that a lot of bands won’t experiment with, and I am impressed by SID for being willing to try new things with melody and style. I think that this is a band that anyone who’s into the genre can enjoy, because they incorporate everything you would expect into their music, and some things that you wouldn’t. Their riffs are head-bangingly, hand-crampingly, melodically-furiously metal, and have plenty of brutal breakdowns and fun moshing rhythms. The only advice I would give them is to tighten up the screws a bit, because Suspended In Dusk is bursting with potential and has just gained a hopeful new fan.

Go check these guys out! I’d love to go see them live, if I ever get the chance… I am, however, planning to go to the Meanstreet Hardcore Festival at the Fusion Room in Syracuse on December 28th and 29th. If you miss this show, then you’re missing almost every good hardcore band in the area, and undoubtedly the biggest show of the year. Hope to see you there, and rock on 315!

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