EP Review: “From This Day Forth” by FROM THIS DAY FORTH

EP Review: “From This Day Forth” by From This Day Forth Genre: Prog-Metalcor

I’m not just saying this because they’re breaking up: From This Day Forth’s self-titled EP is literally perfect. This EP has been hyped up to be an incredible one for the past few months, so I went into it very skeptical. Of course, I had reviewed their debut EP “Ascension”, and thought it was great, so I knew of their potential. I can honestly say that this EP surpasses the first in every way. The songs are excellently crafted, well-performed, and beautifully produced, even more so than “Ascension”. The EP starts off with “End”, a super-creepy instrumental intro that gets heavier as it progresses, and every song that follows is well-constructed and imaginative. They truly delve into the world of prog-metal with their shifting sounds, spatial sound effects, and dark atmosphere. I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to production, so I always look for it when I review serious albums and EPs. So I must say, Justin Spaulding (“Ascension”, “The Sky Tells a Story” by Skyviews) is a phenomenal producer, and possibly one of the best I’ve ever heard. His work on this EP to create the dark, fantastical, and spotless atmosphere is tremendous, and matches the FTDF’s music absolutely perfectly. But, let’s not forget about the music itself. Every song on this EP is creative, and it never gets too predictable. There is a lot experimentation in sound and style, and has great transitions between them. The guitar and bass parts are spot-on, and the rhythms they play are so heavily complicated that you can’t help but just get up and dance. Also, one of the shining musical moments of the whole EP has to be the guitar solo in “Two Four”. It’s eerie, catchy, and atmospheric, and it opens up the record to a whole new spectrum of sound, making it a sort of climax in the EP. The drums are excellent as well, providing blistering beats and fills that drive home the brutality of the music. The vocals, I must say, have improved since “Ascension”. They used to be a little weak, but show absolutely no weakness whatsoever this time around. The lows are as guttural as ever, and the highs are shrieking and terrific. Overall, From This Day Forth have gone from great to greater on their second EP. The songwriting, musicianship, vocals, production, and everything else are even more phenomenal than before. It’s hard to see a band as good as this break up, but at least they’re going out with a bang, and this is one big bang.

I’m going to miss these guys, and I know I’m not alone. I hope they are successful in whatever they choose to pursue now, and that they never lose the dream. Rock on From This Day Forth, rock on to all their fans, and rock on 315!

-Steve Sbiroli
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