Rochester Musicians Reaching Out to Ugandan Orphans Through Music

Jesse Sprinkle (Poor Old Lu, Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter) and Kurt Johnson (The Moho Collective) have initiated an indiegogo campaign to fund a trip to Kampala, Uganda to record the album Paradise, Uganda with The Kampala Street Singers. Paradise is a safe haven for Ugandan orphan children living on the streets in the slums in Kampala. Jesse has made six trips there in the last four years, striking a bond with these children and the family who run Paradise.

Jesse teaching the kids a song:

Whatever we all can do to help with this project will help fund the recording of the album, both here and in Uganda. You can check out all of the details here:  And contact the artists directly through their website at: or by e-mail 

This is a magnificent project, reaching around the world to bring hope to others with much less than us. There are video links on their site so you can actually see Jesse working with the kids and the joy music brings to their difficult existences. Reach out and show some love, a little donation or a big one! Share their site through your networks and facebook newsfeeds. ‘Tis the season gang, lets lend a hand. Peace.

Jesse in Paradise, the Ugandan orphans kids’ safe-haven:


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