Autumation Festival Night 1 gets off on the Right Foot, November 8th

It’s not often that, in my home town of Lake George, we are fortunate enough to stay at home and see some of the best bands in the live music scene.  Thankfully, the wonderful people who put together Autumation Festival saw the potential of our town and hosted one of the best weekends of music of the year. Held at the Historic Fort William Henry resort, Autumation featured a full  four days of music and it kicked off Thursday night at Towers Hall: an old, yet charismatic building that was outfitted with an elaborate display of lights, decorations and sound that would do any mainstream touring band justice.

Formula 5 is a relatively new band with a surprisingly extensive catalog of original music that had the festival’s attention from start to finish.  Their setlist featured four originals, all with highly energetic and mesmerizing jams.  They also debuted one cover “The Music Never Stopped”, appropriate both in consideration that Formula 5’s originals have a heavy funk influence, as well as a fitting salute to the lineup that was to follow their inspiring performance that evening and beyond.

Next up was a familiar jamband out of Albany, Timbre Coup. Timbre Coup is one that always keeps you guessing. At one moment, Latin influences shine through and make you float; the next, prog rock influences keep the energy high and ensure that you don’t stop moving.  Timbre Coup struck a nice, unique balance between these two genres.  Their performance was as entertaining as it was original.  They captured the attention of everyone in the building, and are well worthy of your focus every chance they get.

Twiddle, the pride of Castleton VT, followed Timbre Coup and opened their slot with a song off their newest album Somewhere on the Mountain called “BeeHop.”  This song is comprised with jazz influences that transform into a heavy foreboding section which then releases back into its jazzy origins.  After a few movements of this section, “BeeHop” drops into a hip-hop inspired verse and chorus.  To the few who hadn’t yet listened to Twiddle, this tune is a clear statement.  Twiddle is a band of many sounds and as usual, they did not disappoint those on hand.

As soon as you thought this lineup couldn’t get any better, Dopapod stepped out to follow Twiddle.  If you’ve never seen Dopapod, check their website and find out when they’re playing near you next, and GO!  These guys are incredibly talented and always fun.  Their music is a blend of jazz, funk, electronic, prog, and even classic rock.  On this night, we heard them all, both individually and inventively fused together.  Dopapod almost always kept things wildly upbeat and intense.  During their brief cool downs, they typically settled into a trance groove where their jazz influences seemed to really shine.  All in all, these guys are very original and wildly talented and were a perfect way to cap the evening’s festivities.

All in all, Autumation Night 1 was a great time had by all.  Between the stellar lineup, the awesome facilities and favorable location, it was clear right from the opening notes that this festival was destined to be a huge success.  Looking forward to seeing you all here at the same time next year.

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