Jeff Bujak at Red Square

Last Friday night, Jeff Bujak made a return to Albany’s Red Square, which hosted a number of other DJs that night including Sweatpants Money, Evac Protocol and Leila, providing plenty of variety for the crowd seeking their BassFix.

Jeff started the night out with a strong, fast tempo that went throughout both sets, living up to his label of electronic dance music. In Red Square’s small venue space, the floors were actually vibrating from Bujaks nonstop beats and key slamming fingers. It was music that you could literally feel, that physically moved you and forced you to use every part of your body. The air was electric; with such flow and control over his equipment, especially the piano, Bujak is a sight to see.

Despite the night being heavy on the electronic music, it was far from overwhelming, perfect for newcomers to the scene. With an array of mixes ranging from pop, 80s, rap and jam band, there was something to find in each song for everyone. Playing into the slogan on his website, “Finally, Something different” was exactly what the audience got and then some.

After every few songs, Jeff Bujak took the time to thank his fans, when really we should be thanking him. Jeff Bujak is touring around the East Coast and will make stops at Catskill Chill Music Festival (Sept 7-9, Hancock, NY) as well as 51BassCamp (August 25th, Maple Ski Ridge). For a complete list of his upcoming shows as well as a vast amount of free official recordings, go to

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