REVIEW: Autopsy “All Tomorrow’s Funerals”

From 1987 through 1995, it would be difficult to find a more pronounced and influential Death Metal band than Autopsy. During this time, the group paved the way for the medium, influencing many groups who became prominent members of the Death Metal community.

Though they took a very long break from performing (15 years from 1995-2010), Autopsy made a welcome and triumphant come back. Their latest record is true to form, and long time enthusiasts of the group will undoubtedly be pleased with “All Tomorrow’s Funerals.” The release offers 21 tracks of old world US Death Metal to satiate the palate of even the staunchest metal consumers.

Though the vocal effects are a bit much, and the guitar solos aren’t what they could be, “All Tomorrow’s Funerals” continues to represent Death Metal’s finer qualities.  The music is a bit more loose and not as technically precise or challenging as some of the current Death Metal acts, but Autopsy’s charm is their ability to stay true to form and relevant when so many have come and gone.

In my opinion, this album is best suited for true fans already familiar with Autopsy’s body of work, or those looking to expand their horizons and get back to the roots of their chosen genre from a present-day perspective.


-Greg Allis


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