The Electric Company in Utica to close its doors

The following report was posted on the EC Varick St facebook page ( this afternoon.

“In 2002 Anthony Donaldson, Matt Mercer and Laura Ruberto opened The Electric Company for one reason: to bring independent, live music to the area. The scene was exploding, but there were no local bars to attract the acts. We and our friends lived for live music and were traveling to Syracuse, Albany, New York – hundreds of miles – for shows.

Opening The Electric Company seemed like a logical business decision; it was pretty clear there was a demand that needed to be filled. But the personal appeal was just as strong – the prospect that we and our friends could enjoy all our favorite bands and be exposed to great new music in the comfort of our own venue seemed like a dream come true.

It proved to be a rewarding move. We have showcased some of the best national acts as well as provided a venue for local musicians to gain exposure. We enjoyed the shows, our friends enjoyed the shows and we made a lot of new friends along the way. Ten years later, it is with a heavy heart we announce our decision to close The Electric Company.

The secret to success in this business depends largely on timing. The timing was right when we opened our doors in 2002, and we feel strongly that the timing is right in 2012 to close. A lot has changed in the live music scene. The economy has changed. Our audience has changed. And we have changed. Perhaps if the opportunity presents itself in the future and the timing is right again we will return, but for now this chapter is ending.

But we don’t plan on going out quietly. In the coming weeks look for a wide variety of bands from our early days to recent favorites, including Mecca Bodega, Conehead Buddha, Rhubarb, Belikos, Floodwood, 3 Inch Fury, Woodenspoon and Sassafrass Jenkins to name a few. We will wind it all up with an all-day customer appreciation party on Saturday, May 12 to thank our EC family for the love and support over the years. We couldn’t have done this without you.”