REVIEW: Palmyra’s self titled EP is authentic, highly appealing

Long Island based 5 piece, Palmyra, is not your typical metal core band by any means. Although they share many of the characteristics associated with a multitude of bands within metal’s wide array of genres, there is something authentic that pops out at you after repeated listening.  The progressive approach of the band is heightened with what seems to be an added appreciation of 19th century scales. When reading the band’s Facebook profile, they referenced classical music as something that is elemental in their sound. Upon first listen to the band’s EP, it is clear to me that it is something that is even more involved than they may know themselves.

The merge of style and classical infusion is found heavily in a track like, “Falso En Uno, Falso En Omnibus.”  For some bands, you can see that influence more regularly during guitar solos. In this case, even the riff arrangements echo the mindset. It is highly appealing to see that kind of  traditionalism invoked in music that is clearly the polar opposite in style.

Outside of anything based in an era long ago, the band tends to shine intricately as well. The overall sound is a scale heavy, bone crushing testament to the scene at large. Vocally, I wish there was a little more range. It is not that I don’t appreciate a good screamer, because I do. However, with the complexity of the material that is presented, it would be great to see something that is steeped in melodic range at times. Lyrically though, I see a great play on words that is something that the band will easily be able to use with efficiency. On the track, Train of Thought, the rhyming poetic verses are fun and well thought out. I like the simplistic nature of a vocal that conveys pain so well. I can easily identify with a verse like, “ This is pain, you can fit in a jewelry box. This is pain, you can pack in a pipe. Small and concentrated, my mind shuts off. I carry my grief into my dreams, it makes them burst open at the seams.”

You will be hearing a lot more about this band in the upcoming months. Keep an eye out for future coverage of Palmyra in the near future.

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-Erik Jensen

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