Logan Carpenter of RESTLESS STREETS discusses new release, future plans for touring

Restless Streets are a self-described Post Hardcore/Metalcore band from Albany, NY. After a busy 2011, they’ve decided to take a well-deserved break to work on recording some new material, but not before a last show at Valentine’s! Our own Christine Palmer recently had a chance to speak with vocalist Logan Carpenter about the show, sponsorships and future plans.

Christine: The time is fast approaching! Wednesday at Valentine’s is the last set show date before you dudes head in to the studio. What can we anticipate with the new material coming from Restless Streets?

Logan:  The new material that we have written for 2012 is a vivid representation of our lives through sound. We offer fresh new rhythmic patterns, not only within our breakdowns, but throughout the entirety of each track. Our new songs are the most melodic, and mature tracks we have written thus far. We write thought provoking music about relevant issues and concerns that our generation faces throughout each day of their lives, making it easy for anyone to relate to. Whether it be lyrically, or instrumentally, our music will dominate your senses, and force you to lose all control.

Christine: The composition of musicians within your bands structure creates an intense sound to go along the emotionally driven lyrics. What can we expect in terms of growth, what variations are anticipated with this new record?

Logan:  I would never say that our band has changed, or transformed into something different. I like to think of it as each individual member becoming more themselves. Each of us have become more confident and comfortable with the lives we want to lead and the music we think fits us best. We have taken more time on these songs and learned that sometimes less is more. We have a lot of parts that really slow things down for a minute to let the listeners wipe the blood from their noses and think about what just hit them before we plunge into the next sequence. Our thoughts are collected and showcased throughout our music with a mixture of ambient, melodic interludes and electrifying, fast-paced riffs.

Christine:  How will the production of this release differ from the summer sampler you released? How many songs can we anticipate?

Logan:  Most music that emerges from our genre these days is over-produced, polished work that is pieced together stroke by stroke to create a track that can never be reproduced live, leaving no room for human error. We thought long and hard to come to the conclusion that we are all human!!! So we are going with a bit more of a “raw” approach with these songs. I think small imperfections bring life to music. How can anyone relate to something that sounds like it was made on an assembly line? I think people find comfort in music that helps them feel like it’s alright to be unique, to be real.

Christine: What will the name of this release be, and is there a projected release date?

Logan:  Title and release date have yet to be announced at this time.

Christine: You guys recently landed a sponsorship with thINK Apparel. What other companies do you guys hope to land sponsorships with?
Logan: We appreciate every company that reaches out to us with any type of support, promotion, or endorsement. A few companies that I think would be really rad to work with in the future would be Peter Says Denim, Gator Road Cases, Stheart Clothing, and Monster Energy!

Christine:  Is there a possibility for a tour to come within the year? What regions do you hope to reach with this tour?

Logan: We have plans to tour starting the end of this month into late February that will be released very soon!

Christine: How long will you guys be on hiatus recording before emerging from the studio to play shows again?

Logan: We will be tracking for about two weeks without playing any shows, we will begin playing dates again immediately following the studio.

Christine: What is one goal the band has set for 2012.

Logan: I think we all just want to sell a lot of records, tour non-stop, and enjoy this amazing journey with all of the amazing people that brought us to where we are. Let’s party

Christine: Logan, thank you so much for you time in doing this! Upstate Metal loves and supports you and Restless Streets on your endeavors! We look forward to anything and everything you guys have to offer.

Logan: Everyone appreciates your enormous out pour of support more than you could imagine, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and kindness!

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Fore more information on Restless Streets check them out online

-Christine Palmer

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