FEATURED BAND: Sadgiqacea (sad-juh-kay-sha)

Being in a power duo can be a tough task when yearning for the addition of constructive and creational depth. The great ones all share some pretty common traits. When listening to bands like The White Stripes, No Age, and The Black Keys; you notice that the ruckus being created sounds much larger than the sum of their parts. In the studio, these bands also tend to raise the bar with unparalleled, and open minded additional accompaniment. Unlike the traditional (hash it out) work ethics of much larger bands, sometimes texture is added from a secondary glance at the original structure of the song. This has allowed these types of bands to continually push the boundaries of what the conventional duo can do.  Enter Sadgiqacea! In my opinion, these guys are poised to add their names to the aforementioned list of heralded songwriters.


Hailing from Philadelphia, the band is a musical rarity within the world of creative duos.  Sadgiqacea is a progressive sludge based metal machine. Gone are the preconceptions of anything that are simple in nature. These guys write epic numbers that are as equally grand in scope, as the best bands within this scene. Essentially, if you were loading your I-POD’s shuffle mode with bands like Mastodon or Neurosis, Sadgiqacea would fit in quite well. I say this because you would not be able to decipher the fact that this band is not already superstars on a larger national stage. It would also be tough to identify the fact that they are but two in number!


Being a fan of a crunchy well written prog metal masterpieces, I search for bands like this with reckless abandon. I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on the split EP release of Sadgiqacea and Grass. Both of these bands from Philadelphia share a love for sonic overload, and tight metallic improvisational glory. It is no surprise that Anthropic Records would release these two bands on an EP that would cater to fans of both. Although I like Grass, and the approach of the band’s delivery, I was mesmerized by the two Sadgiqacea tracks on this release. The Great Divide and Avianizer are two of the best tracks I have heard all year.


Since early 2010, Sadgiqacea have slowly built their empire by playing 70 plus shows. In the next year and a half, the band will up the ante. The band is planning on a national tour this summer, and a full length release in 2013. Also of note is the fact that they will be featured on the Anthropic records compilation release, “Anthrosphere III.” That record will be released in January of 2012.


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For more information on Sadgiqacea-
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sadgiqacea


-Erik Jensen

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