Local Limelight: Elmira’s Divot

Golly, I miss the over abundance of melodically great alternative metal bands that used to fill the airwaves. Over the last ten years, most of that scene has morphed into the forsaken ground of emulated mathematics. Often at times, the result is dreadful. When I hear a band like Elmira’s Divot, it gives me hope for the integrity of hook filled 4 minute anthems. Although the undeniable influence of bands like Chevelle, The Deftones, and Trapt are present within the band’s music, it is catapulted jubilantly with an intensity lacking in most modern music.

Divot is another band that is growing it’s fan base at an accelerated and somewhat exciting pace. The three piece aims to please, and they do it with conviction on their recently released single, Second Opinion. Stunning progressions and rich harmonious balance lead the way on this precursor to their upcoming EP release. The collection of Divot tunes is slated for a January drop date. The band went to California to record the EP with Peter Charell of Trapt fame. If the rest of their record is as good as Second Opinion, we will undoubtedly be seeing great things on the horizon for these guys.

The sky is the limit here. After only six months of playing together, the band has played with national acts Psychostick and Hawthorne Heights. Divot has also logged an impressive amount of crucial shows under their belts. Check the band out online!

Cliff Hodson – Vocals/Guitar
Paul Felix – Bass/Backing Vocals
Korey Hunsinger – Drums

For more information on Divot –
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/divotOFFICIAL

-Erik Jensen

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