There was sad news announced yesterday in the world of underground metal. The New Jersey based phenomenon, Where the Ocean Meets The sky, has decided to part ways as a band. In a post made on Facebook, the band made the following announcement:

“In case you missed it yesterday. With a heavy heart I must say that this band has broken up. I started this band with Marc 5 years ago and I never dreamed it would take me this far. We’ve toured through 2 countries and 27 states. Met countless amazing people and had the best fans in the world. You guys made our dreams come true. Thank you so much for your support. We will be having one or two final shows that we will be announcing shortly. Also, below you will see a link to the final song we recorded. It’s unmixed/unmastered, but enjoy it. We love you all. We never would have amounted to anything if it wasn’t for all of you. Goodbye my friends.”

The final song that WHERE THE OCEAN MEETS THE SKY recorded together was Beggars and Kings. Even in it’s raw unfinished studio state, this is a great representation of the power that the band brought to the table.

To hear the track, check out this link: http://soundcloud.com/imblakemartin/beggars-and-kings

-Erik Jensen

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