AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE releases Jingle All The Way, available for purchase

“The one and only Austrian Death Machine spent some time in the studio recently, mostly to lift weights, but also to record a few new songs. The songs are based on the ultimate holiday movie, Jingle All the Way, which stars Ahhnold, of course! The songs are a regaling tale of the pursuit of a one “Turbo Man” doll, sung by Tim Lambesis and Ahhnold.

The digital version of Jingle All the Way will be available for download wherever downloads are sold and the limited 7″ vinyl single can be ordered now. This piece of vinyl will be the perfect stocking-stuffer for the most brutal of friends and family. Ahhnold only asks that the vinyl not be gifted to “puny wimps” or “girly men”.”(Metalblade)

Guitar solo on “I’m Not A Pervert” by Jason Suecof and Eyal Levi
Guitar solo on “It’s Turbo Time” and “Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?” by Mark MacDonald
Rhythm guitars redone by James “JP” Gericke
Drums redone by Jerad Buckwalter
Vocals by Tim Lambesis
Ahhnold by Josh Robert Thompson (It’s Turbo Time) and Chad Ackerman (I’m Not A Pervert)
Tracked and mixed at Lambesis Studios in San Diego, CA
Mastered by Alan Douches at West Westside Music

Now that all of that is done with, these songs can make you laugh your balls or side smile off at the same time as you slam yourself through a wall. This stuff kicks it hard and fast. “I’m Not A Pervert” is more than worthy of creating a circle of death anywhere. Ahhnold is all over the place and the music sounds like an imminent assault is gathering along the borders. “It’s Turbo Time” rips your facial skin off. Plain and simple. Love the old school speed metal drums on this, kind of reminded me of old Anthrax on an energy shot. “Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies” is just brutal metal. Hints of Slipknot filled my ears and then sped up to rapid-fire attacks of riffs and solo’s that make most guitar players just smile and shake their head. Check this bad ass music out. NOW!


– Dave Garlow




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