THE INTERSPHERE: Big Sound, Unlimited potential

Upstate Metal is in the envious position of receiving hundreds of band submissions of some form, every week. I found that out this week when we happened upon the magnificently authentic German powerhouse, The Intersphere. To sum it up with great ease, the band’s sound seems to be a conglomeration of a sperm bank cocktail containing the DNA of Incubus, Muse, and the early progressive works of Megadeth. It is easy to pick out the influences within the music. However, you will be blown away by how the band weaves a web of grandeur and originality while emulating the icons that are stapled to their heart. This was evident on the track, Sleeping God, which is being streamed on the Noisecreep website. The song’s release is a precursor to the big news that is on the band’s horizon these days.

Sleeping God is a pre-release teaser of the The Intersphere’s brand spanking new release, Hold On Liberty. The album, which is the third release for the band, will hit the North American market on January 31st. Long Branch Records/SPV is the label lucky enough to be bringing this mesmerizing act to your auditory devices.

Note the press release:

“After playing over 350 live shows all over Europe including major festival appearances at Rock Am Ring and FM4 Frequency the critically acclaimed German alternative band THE INTERSPHERE returns.”

“On “Hold on, Liberty” the band has developed their style between boundless energy, rigorously complex songwriting and melodic esthetics. And almost irreverently, they succeed in giving their catchy melodies and rousing songs true depth and complexity.  On top of all this, they capped their perfectionist tendencies by recording the entire album – in seven days – completely live in the studio.  No corrections and no fixed edges – making this a subtly warm and engaging listen for realists as well as dreamers alike.”

We look forward to listening to the new record soon. A review will be posted in the near future. It is well worth listening to the tracks they have leaked out. You will see that the band is on the verge of something special. Check out the tracks, We Are, and Sleeping God.


-Erik Jensen

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