GALLERIES “It’s all in the timing” EP is intense; sure to impress

The post punk movement is alive and well, and really taking hold in Upstate, NY. Add another formidable band to a list of intelligent riff monsters in our region. The 5 piece Oneonta band, Galleries, is  sufficiently astute in the game of raucous 3 minute mini anthems. Their full length feature album, Breathe and Repeat, drives this home with confident authority. Not content with resting on their laurels, the band recently completed their newest EP, It’s All In The Timing. Recording and releasing two different records in one year can be a daunting path. Galleries seems to have been able to pull this off quite effortlessly. In the process of recording their newest release, they were also able to grow by a mile musically. I think that is what I find most impressive about this band overall.

It’s All In The Timing is 4 songs of high quality, high intensity, in your face power punk. The track, Two More Years, is a great example of a slow tempo half song that lunges into a another galaxy with it’s Dead Milkmen style relentlessness during the remainder. Strategy is great within this band, and they deliver more of the same on other tracks like Last One Out, and A New Beginning. Of significant note, is the song Payback. This track is easily the best on this EP. It is complex and filled with gang style vocal madness that is up their with the best in the industry.  It also shows that while there is a formula in place, the band does not get stale within the boundaries they have set for themselves.

The EP is available for download on ITunes, and it is unclear when the piece will be officially released in physical form. For now, I highly recommend that you spend a couple of dollars and download these tunes online. I promise you it will be worth the scratch.


Two More Years
Last One Out
A New Beginning

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-Erik Jensen

Below is a video of their recently released acoustic session with Punk Will Never Die


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