Jason Acevedo of NINEROUND discusses lyrical composition, band dynamics

An Inner View with Jason Acevedo of Nine Round

Jason Acevedo is the lead singer and lyricist for the highly talented Seneca Falls juggernaut, Nine Round. The band featuring Acevedo, guitarist John Farley, bassist Steve Sarratori, and Tommy D’Eredita, have been firing on all cylinders since the winter of 2009. Unlike many of the band’s musical peers struggling to get themselves on a high profile bill, Nine Round has been involved with a substantial amount of shows featuring national acts. The spirit of hard work is what earned the band opportunities such as opening K-Rockathon, and sharing a bill with Hatebreed among others. The seeds for success were planted long ago in bands such as One, Diamond Tyr, Bully, Saint Chaos, and Muggsy’s Boneyard. These aforementioned bands represent just a sample of the work that the members of Nine Round have been involved with in the past.

The sky is the limit for this band, and with good reason. Quite simply, their no holds barred intensity is refreshing and needed within the Upstate metal scene. I caught up with Jason to talk about all things Nine Round!

Erik: I knew that you were playing with Muggsy’s at the same time that the core of this band came together? How did you get involved with the project initially?

Jason:  Actually, that band was pretty much all done.  Steve starting playing with Nine Round.  He played me a few songs that they were working on and I really liked them.  He sent the message, I went to some practices and wrote some lyrics to some songs.  From there I waited until they decided to give me a shot. The rest is history.

Erik:  From the get-go, this band was playing an unprecedented amount of shows with National acts. How did it feel to start off this quickly, and what were some of your favorite moments?

Jason:  Starting off like that was amazing. It really pulled us together as a band, personally and musically.  We have had some great moments for sure. One that strikes me is standing on the stage at K-Rockathon 15 and seeing all of those people. It was truly like a dream. Then getting respect from some of the other “bigger” bands solidified the day. Honestly though, the best moments for me are just being up there and playing and doing something that I love. That’s good for me.

Erik: You are surrounded by some great talent man, how does it feel to share the stage with this group of Upstate music veterans? This is the supergroup of upstate NY metal! You do know this, right?

Jason:  It really feels great playing with these guys. I watched Steve and Johnny play in bands for years and always respected their talents.  Tommy and I were only a couple years apart in school so I have gotten to watch him grow over the years also.  For it to all come full circle like this is fucking awesome to say the least! They are great musicians and great friends. We all learn from each other every time out there.

Erik: When you guys went into the studio to record your debut, you went in with an arsenal of great tunes. Lyrically, you take the game to the next level. Where do you get your inspiration. You write glorious songs of oppression, and I want to know what makes you tick.

Jason:  Thanks for the kind words man! I feel that the better I connect with the lyrics, the better I will perform it live. The songs are all part of me in one way or another, whether its through personal experience or something I have seen.  People often look to music for explanation or ways to vent strong feelings. If my lyrics make you happy, good. If they make you want to rip someone’s fuckin’ head off, EVEN BETTER!!!

Erik:  Being that you were in the armed forces, a song like, “Soldier,” is intriguing to me! The song makes a very big statement. How you feel about your time in the service, and the fold that lead to this song being created?

Jason:   My time in the service was really confusing.  I love my country and would die for it, but sometimes its really hard not to ask yourself, “what is going on here?” That song kind of pulls back and forth between fighting for your country and feeling insignificant to the people that don’t understand war.  There is a sickness in America where people feel entitled to everything.  They don’t understand what it’s like in other places.  Hunger, suffering, disease, etc.  I’m not trying to preach but the bottom line is: appreciate what you have and appreciate the people that put their asses on the line for you to have it!  So, I wanted to write a song from my perspective as a soldier and give an honest outlook of how I felt going through it.

Erik:  Obviously, when Marullo left, you took some time off to re-tool what you were doing. How has this whole process been? What happened with that guy?

Jason:  We did take some time off and it was needed and well deserved in my opinion. Just to get our heads back in the game! It’s always fun when you get in the creative mode and start writing the next chapter of your band.  This is when you appreciate the artists you work with the most. For us, it always comes down to repetition. This winter we will be writing a ton of new material so keep your eyes open for some new Nine Round!!! As far as Eric goes, let’s just say it didn’t work out. I feel that it’s best to leave situations as such, internal.  It would be unfair for me to give his perspective or the perspective of this band. What I can do is speak for myself.  Eric was part of alot of great times for this band.  He is a talented dude and I wish him the best of luck.

Erik:  I understand that you are working on some new material. What is going on with the recording process right now?

Jason:  Right now we are just throwing a ton of ideas around.  We don’t want to rush our music.  When we feel comfortable that we have a great set of songs, we will be back in the studio.  There is a possibility of knocking a few out this winter just to get the ball rollin’

Erik:  I know you have this huge Christmas show coming up…a hometown affair! How does it feel to do these hometown shows? They have become the talk of the town every time they take place.

Jason:  Hometown shows are always great. The obvious factor is that there are lots of people. It’s also sweet to have a room full of your friends and family. The personal connection is comforting and inspires me to kill it.

Erik:  There is a great amount of respect among peers in the Upstate Metal community. Who are some of your favorite bands to play with, and do you have a wishlist of sorts?

Jason:  Honestly, there are alot of great bands out there in New York State. I have respect for every band we play with and I will leave it at that man. We will play with anyone willing to have us, anytime!

-Erik Jensen

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