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Electronica Duo Daft Punk Announce Break Up

Electronica pioneers Daft Punk, who are responsible for some of the most well known dance and pop songs of the past two decades, announced their break up. Their retirement was announced to the world in a video titled “Epilogue,” posted on

Daft Punk Tour Rumors Pick Up Steam

The never-ending Daft Punk may be on tour again rumor has resurfaced; this time with a bit more fuel. A mysterious website has appeared with nothing more than a black background and the word "ALIVE" in white. As Dancing Astronaut reports,…

Hearing Aide: Future Rock “Daft Rock Live”

Fans of the French electronic duo Daft Punk, rejoice! Err…perhaps clap energetically. While Daft Punk rarely performs in the United States, one group that covers them, Future Rock, has recently released Daft Rock Live, a full, 13-track song…