Singer-Songwriter John Moreland Performs in Woodstock and Buffalo this Weekend

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter John Moreland will grace audiences with his mesmerizing country sound this July. On July 23, the Oklahoma singer will promote his upcoming album, Birds in the Ceiling, at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock before traveling to Buffalo Iron Works on the 24. The Dead Tongues will join Moreland for both performances.

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The singer’s upcoming album will be released on July 22, just a day before the show at Levon Helm Studios. Bird’s in the Ceiling is John Moreland’s sixth studio album, and some of his previous works, including LP5, and High on Tulsa Heat, garnered much positive attention from fans and critics alike. The pandemic prevented Moreland from touring for LP5, so his live performances are highly-anticipated and a long time coming.

The imminent Birds in the Ceiling album, via Old Omens/Thirty Tigers, combines folk, retro-pop, rock, and roots with the foundations of Moreland’s strong sense of lyrical story-telling. The nine-track album gives listeners a glimpse into Moreland’s most recent thoughts and experiences. Singles off of the upcoming album were released earlier this year, including “Ugly Faces,” “Claim Your Prize,” and “Cheap Idols Dressed in Expensive Garbage,” all of which you can listen to below.

An artist known for his lyrics, much of Moreland’s music cuts deep. The reflective lyrics “does it even matter? does it ever last? / I didn’t want the answer to the question that I asked / Can I kill a monster? can I be a man? / I can’t afford to give a damn if you don’t understand” off of “Ugly Faces” lend a lonesome and introspective perspective.

With Moreland’s talented and accomplished guitar playing, emotional vocals, and combination of instrumentation, the live performances in NY this summer are sure to be memorable and captivating. For the Levon Helm Studio performance, tickets cost $30 or $45, and gates open at 6:30. The Buffalo Iron Works show begins at 8:00 pm with doors open at 7:00 pm and tickets cost $25. 

Tickets for the upcoming shows at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock and Iron Works in Buffalo can be found with the link available here. To listen to some more of John Moreland’s work, see below.

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