White Cliffs Journey of Self-Discovery in “Just Like You”

Brooklyn-based psych/electronic-rock artist White Cliffs (aka Rafe Cohan) just released his latest single “Just Like You” on January 29. The single commences the first release off of his upcoming EP Stockholm. After spending years experimenting with a variety of instruments, genres and vocal styles, White Cliffs made his first ever EP. Keep an eye out for Stockholm available shortly on major platforms February 19.

White Cliffs maintains the fine balance between being a musical purist and an unconventional creator. His mastery of instruments and entrancement in the art of producing can be seen as a curse to his canvas. Nevertheless, his complexity and dedication to his craft allow him to gain reason within the collage of sound he puts together.

“Just Like You” illuminates an ambience of summertime through the layering of a psychedelic tone, conversational lyricism, and guitar effects. An effortless blend of indie rock, soul and electronic creates a unique yet dynamic anthem. The hypnotic sound he is able to make gives off feelings of late night car drives where time seems to stand still. White Cliffs reminds everyone of the constant struggle of self-acceptance and learning to celebrate our individuality.

White Cliffs Songwriting Process:

I wrote the song about our playful and hypocritical struggle with accepting our true selves. And that struggle is just a part of pursuing a career as a musician… You’re constantly drawing this attention to your project, and in the process, you end up learning quite a bit about yourself, both good and bad.  Usually, you experience some denial or imposter syndrome, but after time passes, you are left with acceptance.

Look for the claymation “Just Like You” music video that Cohan directed, produced, and edited himself. Soon to be released tomorrow, February 3.

White Cliffs career is just beginning and on the rise. Previously, he held performances at Panorama Festival in New York City and at CRSSD Festival in San Diego, which leaves the future looking bright for the upcoming artist. He even toured with acts like Big Wild, Elderbrook, and STS9.

White Cliffs limitless potential becomes more evident with each new project he releases. His latest double single release “Six Cylinder Run”/”On My Mind” demonstrates that exact captivation he can hold the listener in. His ability to produce hypnotic layers of sound yet still make each single unique exemplifies his artistry.

“Just Like You” is available on major platforms

Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud

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