Girl Blue Releases Shimmering New Single “Just a Dream”

Girl Blue released the first single, “Just a Dream,” off of her upcoming Fall debut, full-length album. Apt for a walk in the woodlands, her shiny piano tones and synths are reminiscent of breaking sunlight through trees.

Her voice soars above the instrumental melodies weaving with the punchy percussion. She sings “You and me / we should be driving faster / music should be blasting / cast out.” She chronicles a journey to freedom, driving, and remaining her true self even through difficult periods.

girl blue just a dream

The album art beautifully juxtaposes the sonic landscape; a car floating in the sky, pink clouds, and her profile facing out to the path. Compared to her intricate, stripped-down Instagram videos, Girl Blue is venturing into a more vast sonic land with glittering synths and LIGHTS-esque vocals. 

Her pensive lyrics focus on overcoming hardship and empowering oneself, especially in a period of isolation and global strangeness. Girl Blue’s voice sounds fresh against a warm piano and electronic drum beat. The sound is full and lush, painting a picture for Girl Blue’s sound to come.

“Just a Dream” was written and produced by Girl Blue, released in mid-december 2020. Her debut full-length album is set for release in Fall 2021. The song was also engineered and produced by Scoops Dardaris, and mastered by Steve Fallone (Taylor Swift, Tame Impala, Kacey Musgraves). Recorded at White Lake Studios, another capital region favorite, the band Dark Honey also performed on the track. “Just a Dream” features Jimi Woodul on guitar, Dan Dekalb on piano, Ben Woodul on bass, and Josh Morris on acoustic drums. 

Find her newest single and other projects here.

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