This Darkness Has Got to Give: A Look at Independent Music Venues Across NY

In June, NYS Music began to take a look at the state of New York’s independent music venues. In July, August and September, we saw venues closed for the foreseeable future, support for Black Lives Matter, some venues beginning to offer performances with social distancing in place, and many others stuck in limbo.

Like September, October kicked off with Red Alert RESTART, and venues across the country (and world) going red to encourage action to save independent music venues. With renewed hope of the Heroes Act passing through the House of Representatives, there is the possibility of relief before the election on November 3. With only ‘incidental music’ currently allowed, venues across New York remain mostly closed for live music, in growing anticipation of the day crowds can return.

photo by Mickey Deneher

Working with a dozen photographers to document more than 50 venues in 14 cities across New York State, NYS Music presents the fifth edition of our monthly series that looks at the current state of our beloved venues.

Immense thanks goes out to all photographers and venues who are taking part in this monthly series. We’ll start October off on Long Island, with Rob Tellerman’s look at the music venues small and large that dot the isle that is long. Visit NIVA to find out how you can help venues across New York, and the country. We need to #saveourstages and preserve live music for when this is over.

Long Island – photos by Rob Tellerman

Brooklyn and Manhattan – photos by Amanda Siedner

Syracuse – photos by Josh Davis

Utica – photo courtesy of The Stanley Theatre

Manhattan – photos by Joseph Buscarello

Rochester – photos by Corinne Cummings

Ithaca – photo by Casey Martin

Tarrytown – photos by Steve Malinski

Geneva – photo by Joseph Booth

Saratoga Springs – photo by Sly Fox

Albany – photos by Zach Culver

Buffalo – photos by Derek Hosken

The Hudson Valley – photos by Mickey Deneher

Buffalo – photos by Zachary Todtenhagen

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