Oneonta Audience Grooves With Jimkata and Space Carnival

Breaking in the new month, Jimkata, a musical trio from Ithaca, and Space Carnival, a fiery four-tet based out of Oneonta, hit the Oneonta Theatre on Saturday, April 2. Fans were raging about the floor and craved some more.

Space Carnival unlocked the stage and were born into the atmosphere as they unleashed magical sensations throughout. With Jeremy Kraus on guitar, Cameron Fitch on keys and vocals, Chris Meier on Bass, and Nick Tassinari on drums, these four gentlemen took the night and fed their fans more of their funky psychedelic slippery disco.

This group has become outstandingly popular; having been to several of their shows, they never seem to disappoint. Since their formation in 2013, they have created a beautiful fan base and evoke a sphere of jam and funky madness. On this night, they pumped the smoky carnival air with tunes such as “Regal Krad”, “Moon Boots”, “Uh Oh I Slipped My Disco”, “Rango”, “Mister Sam”, “Plibt”, and “Entree The Giant”. It is pleasing to witness how they have progressed over the years and it is an honor to watch them continue to grow into galactic flowers.

Space Carnival meshes funk, progressive rock, and high-energy disco all while melting brains and hearts. They have a unique rhythm and spatial sound which all keep their fellow dancers afloat and on their toes. They performed covers throughout the night along with their fresh jams to keep the spacey flow going. Stay tuned as they are currently recording their debut album Drawn In By The Sun.

Following Space Carnival, Jimkata settled the night in the most perfect way, allowing the audience to cool down and sooth to the smooth moves of soft soundwaves. This night was about the promotion and celebration of their newest album In Motion. This band is much more than what they seem; their anthemic-synth-washed rock n’ roll and pop take you through the night and underground on a happy rollercoaster with sweet melodies and charming hooks. One can feel the emotional energy that emanates from their gentle tunes. It has an adventurous, continuous flow of undulating waves.

On this night of the tour, Evan Friedell (guitar/vocals), Aaron Gorsch (synth/guitar), and Packy Lunn (drums) collectively embraced their listeners with a fresh perspective of feeling. Their music lures you with emotion and hits your body with the beat. The crowd cheered to some of their hits such as, “Wild Ride”, “Innocence”, “Won’t Let You Down”, “Jumping Out of Airplanes”, and “Ride The Wave”, all from their most recent album.

They have a very natural sense of feeling and breath of life that they fuse into their hits. The background jams tune into the vocals as it creates a fresh experience all around. It shifts into different forms along the journey of each song. They were able to evolve their music, as they are now three members instead of four. They were able to successfully regroup after their recent transition. It was certainly a reflective time period for them; it is all about positive energy for Jimkata, a beautiful balance.

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