Getter Rips at Webster Hall

Following the release of his stylistically diversified Radical Dude EP, San Jose native Getter (aka Tanner Petulla) wreaked some auditory havoc at Webster Hall on Friday, March 18. Fans were engaging Webster Hall’s social media channels with a fierce perseverance, determined to find out what time he went on as their excitement amplified leading up to his performance.

After a super heavy, brain-combusting dubstep set by New York’s own Symbiotic, Getter took the stage and swiftly opened with the first single from Radical Dude, “Rip and Dip.” Getter’s style of producing/DJing has evolved through the years from massive dubstep tracks to a diverse assortment of genres which culminate to an ethereal, trap-light sound that still contains those hard-hitting dubstep roots. His live shows are most definitely a reflection of his most recent release as he’s stated in interviews that he has purposely released his expanded styles to show fans that they can expect vastly different genres of producing in the future. When a producer and DJ of Getter’s caliber creates tracks like “666!” and can incorporate Enya’s “Only Time” and Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down” into a live performance and have the crowd cross-eyed with amazement, it’s safe to say they are most definitely capable of broadening their approach and style with new releases and live shows.



Some highlights of the performance included a “Damn Daniel!” sample, obligatory “SUH DUDE” appearance, which has an excellent melodic, crunching bass behind it, and some new tracks, namely one feat. rapper Pouya. Getter’s collaborations with Pouya and other rappers are a fascinating departure from his earlier work, clearly showing his range as a producer. I’d never seen a mosh-pit at an EDM show before Getter at Webster; glad he’s upgraded from the BASSment to the Grand Ballroom.

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