Ann Nesby & The Sounds of Blackness Reinvented In ‘We Rise (Raf N’ Soul New York Remix)’

From Brooklyn-based Bassline Records, grammy-winning r&b/gospel ensemble The Sounds of Blackness return with a reinvented Ann Nesby in an uptempo dance and soul infused remix with producer Raf N’ Soul. Released on July 4, “We Rise (Raf N’ Soul New York Remix)” was originally written by Ann Nesby and Victor Simonelli for the Atlanta Olympic Games. At the present time Simonelli sought out DJ and producer Raf N’ Soul to revamp the powerful record. Hence, the resulting arrangement of diverse musical styles brings life to the record and its powerful and unifying message.

Ann Nesby "We Rise" cover art

Thus, in 7 minutes and 10 seconds Raf n’ Soul takes everything to the next level with an orchestra of gospel, r&b, house and dance music all seamlessly coinciding. Chiefly, “We Rise (Raf N’ Soul New York Remix)” sets the stage with an uptempo dance beat as Ann Nesby’s ferocious vocals carry throughout. However the record is a makeup of varying styles with Detroit string player Marleen Rice offering an r&b/orchestral touch while trumpet player Syreeta Thompson bringing a southern jazz twist to the electric blend.

“We Rise” Behind The Scenes

To top this momentous release Raf N’ Soul Productions shared a a behind the scenes documentary into the making of “We Rise (Raf N’ Soul New York Remix).” The short-film offers an inside look into the impressive production team behind the record. A studio session hosting Recording Academy voting members Raf N’ Soul and Syreeta Thompson, multiple grammy winners, and Aretha Franklin’s former violinist in Marleen Rice was expectedly a free-flowing exchange of talent and creativity. After, Ann Nesby shared thoughts on the meaning behind “We Rise,” before getting an inside look into the concept and photoshoot behind the single’s artwork.

We Rise is a song that was developed to encourage people that were going through something or working to rise above a goal that they felt was so depressing for them and to know that there’s a winner inside of you that no one can stop. And when you see that goal coming through you know who you are and that your dream has become reality.

– Ann Nesby

Ann Nesby & The Sounds of Blackness

Ann Nesby and The Sounds of Blackness walk hand-in-hand as less heralded legends of R&B, gospel and soul-music. However, their lasting influences are in the generation of artists that honed their voice in church. Nonetheless, they are vital part of history, to which their sustained cultural relevance and critical-acclaim is a testament to.

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