Andy James Releases Jazz Rendition of “New York State of Mind”

Jazz vocalist Andy James from Las Vegas, NV put out her own rendition of the Billy Joel classic, “New York State of Mind.” The song, which is accompanied by a music video, is the latest single from her upcoming album, Let Me See Your Heart.

Andy James, New York State of Mind

Andy James has been a part of the entertainment industry for years. As an experienced dancer in Europe and a passionate Jazz singer, her music contains musings of her many experiences. She significantly expresses personal messages in her originals and adds new perspectives to beloved jazz songs.

Let Me See Your Heart is James’ fifth album which she will release on August 9 on Le Coq Records. The album features contributions from a variety of renowned jazz musicians and frequent collaborators of James. The music includes pianist Jon Cowherd, drummer Nate Smith, percussionist Alex Acuna and bassist John Patitucci. Additionally, Grammy Award-winning keyboardist John Beasley, saxophonist and bass clarinetist John Ellis, guitarist Chico Pinheiro, and organist Ronnie Foster have features.

The new rendition of “New York State of Mind” is a melting pot of sounds, creating a refreshing alternative to the classic piano ballad. The new perspective is exciting, providing a larger and more upbeat combination of instruments and including a female vocalist. The song reflects James’ jazz beginnings of casually recording songs that spoke to her. James ensured that the song upheld the personal and relaxed value while giving it a fresh spin.

For me, the song that best sums up everything that’s great about this album may, in fact, be ‘New York State of Mind’ – it sounds so new and so different, not only does it makes me feel like I never really heard the song before, but it makes me look at the city itself with whole new eyes.  For a lifelong New Yorker, that’s really saying something.

Will Friedwald, Jazz Critic

Andy James is currently on tour, having just played shows at The Cutting Room in New York City, as well as a show in Nashville at Rudy’s Jazz Room. Next, she returns to Europe for a series of shows throughout July and August.

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