Brooklyn Trio Gooseberry Releases Single “Dying To Meet You”

Brooklyn-based alt-rock band, Gooseberry, released their brand new song “Dying To Meet You” on Friday, June 14. This release is the second single off their forthcoming debut album All My Friends Are Cattle coming out Sept. 6.

"Dying To Meet You" by Gooseberry

The musical team of singer and guitarist, Asa Daniels, drummer Evin Rossington, and bassist Will Hammond return to releasing music with two EPs and a multitude of singles under their belt. Since entering the scene in 2019, the band continues to focus on writing new music and playing shows. Constantly expanding their audience in venues like Baby’s All Right and Knitting Factory, Gooseberry undoubtedly stays true to themselves and their music reflects that.

Their new song, “Dying To Meet You,” carries that ethos wholeheartedly. As Daniels put it, “Ultimately, none of us knows much about either, and so if anything, this song is about sneering at those who think they’ve got it figured out.” The song begins slowly until it escalates into the classic bold Gooseberry sound. The accompanying music video tells the story and mirrors the music’s transition through its visuals.

The song, along with their previous single “Kikiyon,” gives fans a preview of their upcoming album All My Friends Are Cattle. Tracked over three months, the band had the help of Grammy-winning engineers Colin Bryson, Phil Joly, and Jennica Best who have worked with the likes of Zach Bryan, Lana Del Rey, and Colatura respectively.

There’s something about this tune that is eerie, like something beyond explanation is peering over your shoulder waiting for you to turn your head around. For the breakdowns in this song, our producer (Colin Bryson) brought a tiny handheld distortion mic into the studio for me to scream into. And I screamed my head off. That was cathartic. Hopefully this song brings our fans catharsis. Or a sore throat.

Asa Daniels, singer

To listen to Gooseberry’s new single “Dying To Meet You,” find it here on your preferred streaming service.

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