The National Dance Institute Will Explore Climate Change in Its Event Of The Year “Earth’s Song”

The National Dance Institute will present their event of the year titled “Earth’s Song” June 15 to June 18 at the NYU Skirball. 

National Dance Institute

The four performances will feature over 150 dancers from New York City schools artistically exploring one of the world’s greatest challenges: climate change, specifically, our damaged and threatened ecosystem. Through dance, these young artists will express the beauty of the world as well as its devastating challenges. The goal is for audience members to gain a deeper appreciation for the planet and to take action to combat global warming.

“From the majestic depths of oceans to the sprawling canopies of forests, these performances will illuminate the interconnectedness of all living beings while confronting the threats posed by pollution, deforestation, and wildfires,” said Kay Gayner, Artistic Director of NDI in a press release. 

Senior NDI Teaching Artist, Mary Kennedy who has been teaching at NDI for 23 years is the leading choreographer of “Earth’s Song.” Another notable choreographer on the project is NDI’s artist in residence, Tiffany Rea-Fisher. She is founder of the dance company, Emerge 125 and curator for Bryant Park Picnic Performances.

NDI was founded in 1976 by New York City Ballet principal dancer Jacques d’Amboise. Now, the institute provides in school dance programs to children in the NYC Metro areas. It provides a creative outlet for kids to learn about dance and music as well as performance opportunities. 

The last performance on June 18, is also a fundraiser to help keep these opportunities for children alive. All proceeds will go to the NDI award winning arts education program.

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