Wave Farm Open Catskill Studio

Wave Farm has announced their WGXC 90.7-FM Hudson Studio is moving to a storefront at 393 Main Street in Catskill, NY. This light-filled space will be home to two studios.

Wave Farms

Wave Farm is an international transmission arts organization driven by experimentation with the electromagnetic spectrum. They are creative and supportive of artists and nonprofits in their cultural endeavors. Wave Farm’s WGXC-FM is a full-power, non-commercial, listener-supported station in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley operating out of dedicated studios in Acra and Catskill and pop-up temporary studio locations throughout the listening area and beyond.

Their move to Catskill also launches an exciting new partnership with Nonchalant. The space between the broadcast studios will be activated by the artist-run studio and gallery, whose inaugural exhibition will feature paintings by Sonia Corina Ruscoe and open on May 25.

Wave Farms

Wave Farm’s WGXC began operating in Hudson when the station was in its formative days in 2010. In 2018 they moved from Columbia Street to the basement of the First Presbyterian Church on Warren Street. They are not completely leaving Hudson, with more information to come.

The two new studios at Catskill include Studio A in full view from Main Street, where the public is welcomed in and on the air. Studio B, located in the back room, will accommodate larger group interviews and more extensive technical setups.

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