Recording Studios on Long Island

There are several recording studios on Long Island where aspiring musicians can make their dream a reality. Outside of New York City, Long Island has the second most amount of recording studios in the state of New York. A variety of significant names in the music industry have recorded at Long Island recording studios, including Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys.

On Long Island, in Deer Park, artists can achieve all their recording needs at New Royalty Records. Founded in 2010, New Royalty Records offers professional quality studio services to artists locally and beyond. The studio features limitless capabilities, with expansive gear and plugin collections to shape the unique vision of its clientele. New Royalty offers several recording, mixing, mastering, and production services. The control room features a custom-designed audio workstation, complete with an ultra-wide curved display, digital console with motorized faders, Universal Audio Twin-Finity 710 Preamp, 8 Class A Presonus Preamps, LA-3A cloned analog compressor, TK AUDIO Bus Compressor for mastering, and a multiple output professional monitoring station to toggle between the various speakers throughout the studio. The vocal booth is acoustically treated from floor to ceiling (including floated floor construction) for optimal isolation and flawless sound.

Founder and lead engineer Nick Gardino brings years of experience in the recording industry, along with a passion for helping artists reach their full potential. With a keen ear for detail and extensive knowledge of audio techniques, Gardino ensures every project at New Royalty Records meets the highest standards of quality. When you’re in Gardino’s care, you can be sure you’re about to make quality music with a team of producers baking him, helping each artist achieve their respective goals.

A producer mixing and mastering at New Royalty Records in Deer Park.

Dare Studios in Deer Park offers audio recording services, rehearsal studio rentals, equipment rentals, video production services, and live stream services for meetings and events. Owner/audio engineer Mike Epstein graduated from LIU Post in 1986 with a focus on finance and economics, never realizing the role it would play in his musical endeavors. He has been a professional performing musician since 1980 and has played internationally and shared the stage with many famous bands and musicians.

Epstein also started recording bands in the 80’s Originally working in analog where you had to have true knowledge of how audio gear functions. Through the years Epstein has worked alongside many of the world’s top musicians and engineers. Studio manager/audio engineer Peter Ippolito has spent the last more than 25 years working at Dare. He first began his audio career in the 90s, as a roadie for local bands and eventually began doing sound for them. Ippolito has recorded for over 900 different artists during his time at Dare Studios and also does many live sound events for the studio at major venues such as The Nassau Coliseum, The Aviation Museum, White Post Farms, and The Jones Beach Bandshell, plus countless town and county events with crowds of people in the thousands. He has worked with countless bands in rehearsal at Dare Studios, including Winger and Krokus. On top of all that, Ippolito also is a main force in Dares Live streams and video production services.

Dare Studios has three recording studios, A, B, and C, a recording room, and a sound stage. All studios plus the sound stage and recording room are equipped with a PA system, Guitar amps and cabinets, a bass amp, and a drum set. Guitar, bass, keyboard, and cymbals are available for rent, all subject to availability.

The 368-square-foot Studio A at Dare Studios in Deer Park.
The 360 square-foot Studio B at Dare Studios in Deer Park.
The 320-square-foot Studio C at Dare Studios in Deer Park.
The 391 square foot recording room at Dare Studios in Deer Park.
The 700 square-foot sound stage at Dare Studios in Deer Park.

Discover Recording Studios from across New York State in Western New York, the Capital Region, the Hudson Valley, Central New York, and New York City.

Deer Park has been the home of EKO Productions for over 30 years. EKO’s studio provides a centrally located, extremely private site for all of your audio and video needs, containing two large climate-controlled sound stages with enough room for artists, personnel, and crew to work comfortably and efficiently. From audio recording and rehearsals to video production and more, EKO can cover all of your production needs. 

Westfall Recording Company in Farmingdale has been in the audio production business for over 15 years. The studio has recorded for artists ranging from all genres of music, be it rock, pop, metal, hip-hop, progressive, and more. EKO takes pride in providing affordable budgets for projects of any size. From basic tracking to full production singles, EPs, LPs, composition services, mixing & mastering, music development, music consulting, and voice-overs, EKO’s audio capabilities are endless. EKO provides artists with three studios to choose from, A, B, and C.

The live room in Studio A at Westfall Recording Company in Farmingdale.

All three studios are equipped with a live room and control room. The state-of-the-art live room is the perfect environment to capture crystal-clear audio and authentic live performances. The control room serves as both a tracking room and a mixing/mastering facility. With state-of-the-art outboard gear and industry-topping plugin suites, the control room is equipped to provide you with endless sonic options so the boundaries of your art are limitless. The control room is a spacious area to properly accommodate our clients and promote a relaxed work environment.

The control room in Studio A at Westfall Recording Company in Farmingdale.

Studio C is a great creative nook to help bring your starting ideas to reality. The Studio is equipped with a case of four preamps, Eqs, and compressing for vocals. Studio C is also the one room in the building that has a vocal booth, and it’s a great size booth built to have complete isolation to help capture the best vocals or voice-over work.

The equipment at Next Phase Sound Studios in East Farmingdale.

The Mix Palace in West Hempstead, formerly called The Music Palace, has been in business for over 40 years, first opening in 1977. The studio is owned by chief mixing and mastering engineer MicAngelo, who has over 50 Gold and Platinum records to his name, including Public Enemy’s biggest seller apocalypse 91, Redman, Turnback, Mariah Carey, Seal, etc. With over 30 years of experience, he still remains extremely passionate about his craft. 

The Mix Palace has two recording studios, A and B, for artists to use for their recording needs. Studio A is equipped with the industry’s most coveted and replicated vintage gear with a vintage Solid State Logic E-channel Mixing Console at the forefront of every mix your music will only sound better from the moment you track and rise in quality all the way to the mastering process. Studio B is the latest addition at the mix palace, equipped with the vintage SSL and NEVE Mic pres this room takes a modern approach to making music by incorporating in-the-box mixing alongside awesome vintage outboard gear.

The Mix Palace is the perfect place for artists’ recording, mixing, mastering, and production needs. Live Room A is designed by the famous Tom Hidley, and with its unparalleled walls and controlled acoustics, you’re guaranteed optimal quality in capturing everything from live instruments to just a singular voice. All of their mixes are called “hybrid mixes” combining in-the-box processing with analog gear to get high-end sound quality. One of the things that make Mix Palace’s mastering process unique is they pass your 2-track file through their highly modified SSL console, analog outboard gear, and tape machines to bring more warmth, tone, and depth to their clients’ sound, which also removes a lot of the harshness associated with ITB mixes. Whether it’s songwriting, production, beat making, arranging, editing, mixing, or mastering, Mix Palace’s music producers can take your idea, song, demo, and or album to the next level.

Studio A at the Mix Palace in West Hempstead.
Studio B at the Mix Palace in West Hempstead.

Mantra Recording Studio has two locations in New York State, one in Long Island and one in New York City. Studio A is located in Island Park, a village in the Town of Hempstead, near the ocean on the South Shore. Studio B is near Hell’s Kitchen, in the Heart of New York City in Midtown. Mantra Recording Studio works with state-of-the-art technology including Dante, AVB/Thunderbolt 2-3 which is a Mac/Pc friendly environment. The studios offer mixing and vocal tracking, small mixing projects, and instruments like electronic Drums, percussion, and solo instruments are available for artists’ use.

The 1927 Steinway B piano in Studio A at Mantra Recording Studio.

At Trap Studios in South Huntington, recording artists have the chance to work with professionals for their various needs through engineer and producer sessions, artist sessions, podcast sessions, and mixing and mastering. In podcast sessions, artists can record audio and/or video, phone calls, video reactions, and game capturing, with up to four microphones and two camera angles.

Credit: Trap Studios

Young Street Studios in Holbrook has a variety of equipment available for recording artists to use to meet their unique needs. Tube mics, guitar amps and pedals, instruments, and more are available for use by artists at Young Street Studios. For tube mics, artists can use the Rode NTK studio microphone, and for instruments, the Fender Rhodes Piano, Kimball Baby Grand Piano, and much more are available. For guitar amps, artists can choose from the Fender Super Reverb Combo, Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series Combo, and more. For guitar pedals, artists can choose from the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (Black Russian), Electro-Harmonix Micro POG, and others.

A guitar set at Young Street Studios in Holbrook.
Otari MKII 24 Track 2″ Tape Machine.

Musiq Touch Recording Studio in West Hills, a hamlet in the Town of Huntington, is a one-of-a-kind destination for audio production. The studio specializes in technologically advanced hybrid mixing techniques to process audio. The staff at Musiq Touch will oversee all aspects of audio production and will work tirelessly to translate your vision from an idea, into its final product. Their services include music production, mixing, and mastering, as well as live sound recording. Owner/CEO Charles Stewart has tremendous experience producing music for Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Indie Rock, Gospel, and EDM. The advent of digital technology allows engineers the liberty to approach music production in a revolutionary fashion. From drums to keyboards, guitars, and vocals, Musiq Touch prides itself on being on the cutting edge of audio technology. The studio offers a hybrid approach to music production that is truly unique in its ability to offer you the artist unlimited possibilities.Musiq Touch combines decades of industry experience with the latest in cutting-edge audio technology to offer clients unmatched quality mixing services. A mastering session at Musiq Touch typically consists of subtle audio processes including stereo enhancement, compression, equalization, and limiting. Music Touch additionally offers live recording, with state-of-the-art recording technology enabling seamless Live Recording capabilities for artists and bands.Musiq Touch offers premium songwriting services, whether it be to create a song from scratch, or to improve an existing concept. The studio also offers a slew of production services such as seeking the perfect beat for your next single, producing a podcast and seeking the perfect theme music to hook your listeners, and more. Further, Musiq Touch offers acoustic services. The staff at Musiq Touch boasts years of studying the science behind acoustics and is ready to help bring your studio to the next, professional-grade level. Lastly, Musiq Touch offers a vast array of post-production services and is the perfect destination for ADR and foley for your film, TV, or web series.

The mixing room at Musiq Touch Studio.

The Sound Cellar in Huntington offers rehearsal, recording, and music lesson services for musicians. The Sound Cellar has three hourly rooms for rehearsal: the Jam Room, Stage Room, and Studio. The 22′ x 16.5′ Jam Room is equipped with a 600-watt PA system, premier drums (+ hi-hat, ride & crash), a Fender Hot Rod DeVille 60w tube combo, an upright piano, and more. The 36′ x 25′ Stage Room comes with a 1200-watt PA system, pearl drums, and more. The Studio has a 600-watt PA system, Vintage Ludwig drums (+ hi-hat, ride, crash), a Vintage Ampeg Reverbrocket 2-tube combo, a Vintage Fender Twin Reverb tube combo, and more.

The Jam Room at the Sound Cellar in Huntington.

For over 40 years, Cove City Sound Studio in Glen Cove has produced music for artists such as Celine Dion and New York City native Jennifer Lopez. Cove City Sound Studios is the total package of professionalism, talent, and support in an environment that encourages creativity without compromising quality or service. Dion recorded her 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, and 19th studio albums, Falling into You (1996), Let’s Talk About Love (1997), These Are Special Times (1998), A New Day Has Come (2002), and One Heart (2003) at Cove City. Lopez recorded her fourth studio album, 2005’s Rebirth, and her 7th studio album, 2011’s Love? at Cove City. Additionally, Justin Bieber recorded his song “Holy” the lead single from his sixth studio album, Justice (2021) at Cove City.

Cove City Sound Studios consists of two studios, A and B, and a live room. Studio A is based around the legendary Neve 8068 and SSL 4000G+ consoles and includes a Pro Tools HD system with Apogee Symphony I/Os, along with a wide selection of outboard gear and plugins. The studio includes a production area with couches as well as access to our main lounge with a kitchen and cable TV.

Studio A at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove.

Studio B at Cove City is a modern production suite featuring some of the best analog and digital gear in the industry. The room houses a 24-channel Avid ICON D-Command console, Pro Tools HD and Ableton systems, a full assortment of vintage outboard gear, as well as an abundance of classic synths, MIDI gear, and plugins. Many award-winning recordings have come out of this room since Cove City first opened its doors, including Jennifer Lopez, who recorded two albums there as well as the music video for “On the Floor” from her 2011 seventh studio album Love.

Studio B at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove.

The live room is a big, beautiful sounding, 3-way modular tracking room with 2 isolation booths and a third sound lock area for additional isolation. It’s approximately 38 feet wide by 42 feet long with 35-foot ceilings and features a gorgeous-sounding Yamaha C6 grand piano. This room is equipped with a Private Q independent monitoring headphone system and is ideal for full band sessions and large tracking setups.

The Live Room at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove.

Pie Recording Studio in Glen Cove is owned by Perry Margoulef, a guitar player, songwriter, engineer, record producer, and car collector. The studio offers a variety of production, engineering, and mixing services for musical artists. Pie Recording Studios has been home to New York-based singers Alicia Keys, who recorded her fourth studio album, The Elements of Freedom (2009), and Jennifer Lopez, who recorded her fourth studio album, Rebirth (2005) in the facility.

Perry Margoulef, owner of Pie Recording Studio in Glen Cove.

Sink or Swim Recording Studios in East Northport is owned by Long Island-based music-producing collective MarlinBeats. With a brand new location and upgraded facilities, Sink or Swim Recording Studio offers top-of-the-line services, including, but not limited to, production, recording, mix/master, media packages, and content creation. For those artists looking to give their fans total access, Sink or Swim Recording Studio offers a one-of-a-kind experience. At the artist’s request, Sink or Swim Recording Studio will live-stream their recording session straight from the booth, allowing for unparalleled fan interaction. Sink or Swim Recording Studio will also create podcasts for artists, producers, and all other creators in order to maximize their reach and promote the products and services of their choosing.

The recording studio at Sink or Swim consists of a control room (8×7 feet), a vocal booth with sound treatment/acoustics (7×7 feet booth), a window connecting the booth and control room, and a complete lounge with a TV, couch, Xbox, and surround sound (32×18 feet.) The equipment at Sink or Swim includes a 2020 iMac 27-Inch with a 3.6 GHz 10-Core Intel Core i9 Processor, with a 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, a Neumann TLM 102, a Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO Heritage Edition 10×6 Thunderbolt Audio Interface with UAD DSP, and SSL 2+ Audio Interface, and Adam Audio 8 Studio Monitors.

Robbie, Henry, and Chris are the three members of the music collective MarlinBeats, who run Sink or Swim Recording Studios in East Northport.
The 8×7 control room at Sink or Swim Recording Studios in East Northport.
The 32×18 complete lounge at Sink or Swim Recording Studios in East Northport.

Studio631 Recordings in Islandia is a professional recording studio working to provide an exceptional experience for artists in a creative environment. The studio is co-owned and primarily run by music engineers Matt Echo and Niko, who also serve as musical engineers. Matt combines his extensive knowledge of music with his certified comprehension of audio engineering to provide the best sound to the artists he works with. He is consistently building a diverse portfolio of artists, celebrities, and musicians he likes to work with. At an early age, Nico’s innate talent and dedication to music were evident, and he began playing drums and joined a heavy metal band at the age of 15.

Studio631 has three studios, A, B, and C available for use by recording artists. Studio A was the first studio designed for 631 and has been renovated many times since 2017. Studio B is designed for workflow, and with a very crisp and clean sound, this room is best for vocals or production. Studio C is the studio’s best-sounding room, stocked with the best analog gear for recording and mixing. It is aesthetically pleasing for videos and even photo shoots.

Matt Echo, co-owner, head engineer, and record producer at Studio631 Recordings in Islandia.
Niko, co-owner and head engineer at Studio631 Recordings in Islandia.

House Recording Studios in Plainview is run by owner and chief engineer Marc Bauman, who has esteemed accomplishments in sound engineering, music production, DJ entertainment, and live/studio percussion. Bauman graduated from Five Towns College, and during his college career, he began interning at prestigious recording facilities Electric Lady Studios (Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews Band) and Cove City Sound Studios (Billy Joel, Jennifer Lopez, Beach Boys). By observing these acclaimed artists and songwriters, he honed his craft and took his engineering and production level to new elevations.

The vocal session room at House Recording Studios in Plainview.
The control room at House Recording Studios in Plainview.
Marc Bauman, owner, and chief engineer of House Recording Studios in Plainview.

Applehead Recording and Production in Saugerties, just over one mile east of the center of Woodstock, is a residential recording facility that boosts both classic and modern gear, beautiful architecture and acoustics, and a big, accurate, and comfortable control room. The studio’s 700 square feet comfortable control room is (de)coupled from a 30,000 cubic foot timber frame and stone live room, (30x40x32 feet high.) Applehead has various isolated spaces that are both tied together and acoustically diverse. The console is a 32 i/o custom Neve desk (3503), with 32 “33” series mic pre/equalizers and 32 transformer balanced direct outs.

The cockeyed desk in Applehead Recording Studio and Production in Saugherties.

Area 52 Studios in Saugerties, founded by veteran musical engineer Dave Cook, is a full-service recording studio/audio facility. It is also the home of the Woodstock Recording Workshop and Hudson Valley Audio. Between the three divisions, artists can learn how to record their music in workshops, mix and master it for you in the studio, then the studio will sell and install a state-of-the-art Audio/Video system so artists can enjoy listening to their new record, then support the production for their tour.

Area 52 owner and engineer Dave Cook has worked in the recording industry for over 25 years. He has album credits with artists such as The B-52’s, 10,000 Maniacs, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Juliana Hatfield, Graham Parker, Nick Cave, And The Bad Seeds, among others. He has mixed live, radio concert broadcasts for artists including David Bowie, Alanis Morissette, Bare Naked Ladies, Goo Goo Dolls, and Radiohead. In his time as chief engineer for several studios, Cook also worked in audio for video post-production, studio construction and design, team management, and staff training and development. Live concert sound has become a large part of Cook’s career lately, touring with artists such as Laurie Anderson, Carly Simon, Natalie Merchant, and Medeski; Martin and Wood, Ethel, Maya Beiser, and Marc Cohn.

Cook grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island and now lives in Saugerties with his wife, Julie, and daughter Lola. He has been a musician (guitar player) since the age of eight years old and played his first gig when he was nine. In 1985, he moved to Woodstock while continuing to work in Manhattan three-four days a week for a few months. Shortly after moving to the Catskills, Cook became the Chief Engineer at Dreamland Studios, working there for 10 years. Both during the time Cook was on staff at Dreamland and after he left, he worked on a freelance basis in studios in New, California, Boston, and Louisiana.

Area 52 is a fully equipped Pro Tools HD studio that offers recording services with a comfortable atmosphere, easy access to everything, and ground-level load-in. They can take your project from start to finish including, tracking, mixing, editing, and mastering. The studio also offers podcast services and will edit their clients’ unedited, raw audio so it’ll sound just like a professionally produced podcast. Lastly, Area 52 offers live sound services and can support live events of up to approximately 500 people with our sound reinforcement services. They have a highly efficient system with excellent coverage and plenty of power, and anything that may be needed for a particular event can be acquired as well including lighting and video production. 

Area 52 Studios in Saugerties.

MonkMusic Studios in Northwest Harbor, a hamlet in the town of East Hampton, was opened by Cynthia Daniels, who also serves as chief engineer, in August 2011. Most recently, Beyonce recorded her seventh studio album, Renaissance, at MonkMusic Studios, which was her first studio release since 2016’s Lemonade. Daniels has also worked extensively in television and film contributing to thousands of projects and working with many renowned actors such as Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, Blythe Danner, Liev Schreiber, Chris Bauer, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Daniels produced the music and mixed for Ted Turner’s mini-series “Avoiding Armageddon” a 4 part documentary on PBS; she’s recorded and mixed major themes for television including World News Tonight, 20/20, and a remix of ABC Wide World of Sports, and supervised/mixed the post-production for countless feature film promos for VH1 and MTV. Daniels now splits her time between East Hampton, and Manhattan, where orchestras come together for live large-studio work in Broadway and film.

MonkMusic Studios offers two acoustically perfect and isolated live recording rooms, an extra large control room for comfort with ADR and ISDN, and remote recording services. The studio offers 5.1 recordings and mixing for all of your post-production requirements. They also have extensive sound effects and sample libraries and offer composition and arrangement/production services for any commercial or personal artistic venture.

The studio is 650 square feet separated into three recording rooms, all acoustically isolated on concrete slabs. The studio design is based on a combination of optimal room proportion, membrane absorbers used for critical low-frequency room response, and specifically placed diffusers (in some instances transparent) for high-frequency reflection control. Video monitors are in every room for scoring or ADR. The equipment consists of a hybrid AVID C-24 console, multiple cue systems, a fully digital monitoring system, and more. Their microphone selection ranges from vintage favorites like NeumannU47 to some of the newest and clearest sounding tube mics from Telefunken (AK47) and Royer 122 Tube. The mic collection also features the UM 25 and UM 17 handbuilt TAB Funkenwerk microphones with a historic ElaM251 circuit.

Cynthia Daniels, the owner and chief engineer of MonkMusic Studios.

The Loft Sound Studio in Syosset was founded by Donnie Klang and Matthew LaPorte in 2011. Their credits include Jason Derulo, Sky Katz, Conor Maynard, Raquel Castro (The Voice / Songland), Anne Winters (13 Reasons Why), Why Don’t We, and more. The facility has coached, developed, and produced for thousands of up-and-coming recording artists through innovative vocal lessons full song creation from beginning to end, instrument lessons, and more, one of the first being Long Island-born singer Madison Beer. A then-unknown aspiring singer, The Loft helped coach, mentor, and develop her toward her first management deal with Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun. Newsday referred to The Loft as “A dream launchpad for singers, songwriters or producers; they help with artist development and the quest to be discovered.” 

Donnie Klang and Matthew LaPorte, founders of The Loft Sound Studio in Syosset.

Rapture Sound Studio in Syosset was created “for musicians, by musicians” and first opened in June 2015. The studio now happily provides a place where you can jam out and express your artistic skills, for an affordable price. Since its grand opening, Rapture Sound Studio has managed to create a Showcase Room, expand our musician network, and most importantly create really sick music. Rapture Sound Studio has four studios, A, B, C, and D, a showcase room, and a studio lounge available for use by musicians. Each room is equipped with the basics of speakers and a drum kit. Other equipment such as higher-end speaker systems, fuller drum kits, microphones, and mic stands, are found within the different studios offered. Studio A is equipped with 2 15″ electro-voice live speakers and paladin maple drums. Studio B is great for jamming out with our 2500 power amplifiers and 15″ JBL speakers. Studio C is perfect for practicing before a gig or just jamming out with a few friends. Studio D is our only room with 2 top of the line Fender super-sonic speaker cabinets. The brand-new showcase room is equipped with Yamaha drums and a large selection of amps. The lounge includes a 55″ LED smart TV with Netflix and video games.

Studio A at Rapture Sound Studio in Syosset.
Studio B at Rapture Sound Studio in Syosset.
Studio C at Rapture Sound Studio in Syosset.
Studio D at Rapture Sound Studio in Syosset.
The Showcase Room at Rapture Sound Studios in Syosset.
The Lounge at Rapture Sound Studio in Syosset.

The A Room Studio in Hicksville has been servicing Long Island’s local bands for over 25 years. With friendly and courteous service provided by knowledgeable engineers, spacious parking, and camera surveillance you can practice with no worries. They have some of the largest rooms on Long Island. The A Room has five studios available for artists’ use, A, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Room A at The A Room Studio in Hicksville.
Room 1 at The A Room Studio in Hicksville.
Room 2 at The A Room Studio in Hicksville.
Room 3 at The A Room Studio in Hicksville.
Room 4 at The A Room Studios in Hicksville.

PMA Recording Studios in Medford, which is temporarily closed, has had glowing reviews from the Long Island Press and fellow Long Island News Publisher Good Times Magazine. Patrick Nestor of the Long Island Press said, “Top Notch Studio Here Folks! Great Place, Great Engineer!” Good Times Magazine wrote, “The recording and production at PMA is superb, on par with major label recordings.”

PMA Recording Studios in Medford.
Bakithi Kumalo (bassist for Paul Simon) at PMA Recording Studios in Medford.
Mike from Music Palace lending his skills at PMA.
Paul Andrejack, owner, engineer, and producer at PMA Studios in Medford.
NY Tenor Christopher D. Macchio at PMA Studios in Medord.
VIG and Dirty (Joey Badass recording artist) at PMA Studios in Medford.

Sabella Recording Studio in Roslyn Heights has been recording music on Long Island since 1980 after being built by owner Jim Sabella. The studio offers a variety of recording, editing, mixing, mastering, production, composition, post, and film services. Sabella has been in the music industry for over 40 years, and his professional career started in the mid-70s with guitar session work at various studios as well as club performances. He was signed to RCA Records and MCA Records as an artist in the early 80s. After building Sabella Recording Studio, he received independent and major label recognition with such platinum records as Public Enemy’s album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in 1988 and Marcy Playground’s self-titled debut release in 1997. 

Sabella Recording Studio in Roslynn Heights.
Jim Sabella, owner of Sabella Recording Studio in Roslyn Heights.

There are several recording studios on Long Island where aspiring musicians can make a name for themselves in the industry, some of which gave today’s biggest names in music their big breaks. Long Island is second only to New York City in having the most amount of recording studios in New York State.

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