Recording Studios in Central New York

New York State is home to a great deal of recording studios, and Central New York certainly has their fair share. These studios are found from Ithaca to Syracuse and Utica, with many of these studios having a long and rich history, while others have only been around for a few years.

Cooperstown, NY

Rep Studio in the heart of downtown Ithaca provides recording artists with a spacious, comfortable environment in which to create and hone a first-rate product, whether it be a music CD, a radio spot, custom music for any application, sound to picture, or anything else audio.

Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca is a state-of-the-art recording facility that has worked with both major label and independent artists worldwide for the past 30 years. The studio offers music production services for the entire album-making process including writing, recording, mixing, and mastering. Pyramid Sound is equipped with a live room that features three iso booths built with acoustic production in mind. Both the live room and the control room are built on sand and separated from one another to avoid excessive bleeding and vibrations, and both spaces are patchable to any other room via both instrument and speaker cables.

The live room in Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca.

Discover Recording Studios from across New York State in Western New York, the Capital Region, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and New York City.

Subcat Studios was originally founded in 2001 in Skaneateles before moving to Syracuse. The SAG-AFTRA-approved studio offers music recording and production, professional video production, and other educational services for recording artists. Mastering Engineer and Principal Owner Ron Keck had been working with digital recording since 1989. Because of his experience and skillset, SubCat quickly gained a reputation for high-quality audio recording. Today, SubCat prides itself on high-quality studio recording, remote recording, audio mixing and mastering, videography and photography, graphic design, CD and DVD duplication, printing, and much more.

Studio A in Subcat Studios is equipped with a drum set.

Big Blue North Recording Studio in Utica has a rich and extensive history. It was initially a wooden church erected in 1920, and on October 9, 1927, the current brick church building opened to the public with an auditorium filled. Big Blue North was purchased by its current owners, Audio Engineer Jeff Aderman and Studio Manager Pamela Jardieu in 2000 and underwent two and a half years of renovation under the supervision of audio industry icon John Storyk. The facility opened as Castle Recording Studio in 2003, and continued until the owner’s retirement 10 years later, reopening as Big Blue North Recording Studio in 2013.

Big Blue North Recording Studio comes equipped with 5,000 square foot residence, a.k.a The Fort, with a large kitchen and dining room to self-cater your meals, a living room with a big TV to veg out, a practice room to work out your parts, a library to check your email, a private outdoor courtyard to get some fresh air, four bedrooms and an attached garage to securely park the band van and free wireless internet. Weekly cleaning service is included. Available free of charge for out-of-town residents.

There are several recording studios throughout New York State and Central New York where aspiring musicians can produce music in their pursuit of making their musical dreams come true. If you know of another we missed, reach out to!

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