Bomb Threat Causes Cancellation at Noel Gallagher SPAC Concert

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, the show will not continue.” That was the announcement made just moments before Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds were about to perform on Saturday night, July 8, in Saratoga Springs. Confused fans weren’t sure if it was part of the act or if it was a public safety concern as speculation quickly ran rampant. Gallagher, the former principal songwriter of British blue-collar bad-boy band Oasis, is no stranger to making headlines. Familiar to millions, at one time he was the most outspoken member of the biggest (and most controversial) band in the world.

The stage was set for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds just moments before it was suddenly called off on 7/8/23

All things seemed ‘business as usual’ just prior to showtime Saturday night at SPAC. After opening sets from critically acclaimed rock bands Metric and Garbage went on without a hitch, everything was on schedule for the evening’s headliner. As smoke machines began to ramp up and hip, pre-show music by Little Sonny, Larry Coryell, and Funk Inc. piped over the PA system, by 9:45 pm fans were getting anxious over the delayed start. Suddenly the house lights came on and the announcement was made that “the show will not continue” and to “please move calmly and safely to the nearest exit.” 

What’s the Story: A disappointed fan reacts to the news that Noel Gallagher will not be performing on 7/7/23

Security and Live Nation reps confirmed this was not “part of the show” and that everyone needed to leave the concert grounds immediately. Sent out into the night with more questions than answers, disappointed fans complied and exited the venue, seemingly without incident. Further information was hard to come by. There is currently no “official” word on what caused the sudden cancellation, refunds, or, rescheduling.

After the show, Garbage’s Twitter feed posted “Our love and concern to all the fans at our show in Saratoga Springs tonight. We pray you are all safe and sound. This is fucking insane.” An Instagram post from bassist Daniel Shulman shed a little more light on the situation, saying “We had to evacuate quickly due to a bomb threat …. Scary.”  

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