Camp Bedford Share Femme-Pop Single “Jupiter” 

Brooklyn based folk-pop trio Camp Bedford have just shared the second single from their upcoming debut EP So Often & So Sweet titled “Jupiter.” With Roxanne Quilty on guitar and vocals, Mariela Flor Olivo on lead rhythm guitar and vocals, and Tallen Gabriel helming the cello, this anticipated album comes out on March 31st. 

Camp Bedford Share Femme-Pop Single "Jupiter" 

The queer and femme-led band’s deep friendship shines through in their music. At once witchy, nostalgic, and magical, “Jupiter” and “2 AM,” which were released in February to warm reviews, both capture Camp Bedford’s sonic essence beautifully. Thus, these two releases are setting the stage for what’s soon to come from the band.

Camp Bedford Share Femme-Pop Single "Jupiter" 

Of their newest single, Camp Bedford wrote, “‘Jupiter’ is about recognizing the parts of yourself that no longer serve you and setting them on fire. Written like a spell or incantation, this track’s ethereal elements and driving energy capture the experience of surrendering to your own power.” 

“This folk-pop trio finds beauty in the form of complex musical arrangements packed with substance” 

When talking about their follow-up single “2AM,” the band wrote, “A rousing angsty anthem, ‘2AM’ captures the post-breakup frustration and anger of watching your former partner give someone else the time and energy you wished they would have been able to give you. Even if it’s not logical and both parties grow and expand into new versions of themselves after a breakup, we wanted to honor the gnawing hurt that comes in initially watching an ex be ‘better’ to someone else than they were to you.” 

By melding their unique voices and styles of instrumentation, Camp Bedford is a folk-pop-rock band spinning tales of adventure, self-discovery, and overall, their life’s journeys. They are nostalgic forward-thinkers, for instance, Camp Bedford’s music is infused with the magic of possibility. Compared to the likes of Joseph, First Aid Kit, and Wye Oak, the group finds inspiration in poetry, nature, and musical genres ranging from bluegrass to hyper pop. 

To listen to “Jupiter,” click the link here.

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